Yi Dash Camera Review – No Longer Good in 2019


  1. ovi89

    I need to change the language! How can i do it? Its chinese and i don t know how!

  2. Deerghayu Phukan

    It's 2020 and now i have ordered it. I wanna try as i am a first time dash cam user.

  3. Eric Mark

    Don't you have a review for YI nightscape version?

  4. Neil Cohen

    crap worked 2 monthes and went down do not buy this camrea

  5. Julio Alarcon

    I bought a dashcam 10 days ago.

    When it turns on, time and date are resetted every time. I already changed new SD card, but it is same..

    How can I do?

  6. RMD777

    Always excellent well detailed reviews, keep it up!

  7. Himono Otoko

    Can this dash cam change the loop time?

  8. Ernie Nichols

    just installed one of these dash cams,,I get a YI at top left with all recorded video ,,How do I shut this off,also your video is twice as good as this camera makes,please and thanks

  9. Dorothy Argueta

    Hi! Does this have an option for 24 hours recording? Still on while the car is parking?

  10. Rooochie

    Great video. I live in a hot climate. Almost about to get this from a second party seller because of a different video. Now I have second thoughts

  11. Tre Hill

    2020 review : mobile app / camera glitch. Can not pull up live camera footage on my phone. Must pop out SD Card and insert into computer to look at footage …. rendering this camera, pretty much useless in a car accident incident ….

  12. Andrew Tom

    I loved my Yi Dash Camera for past 2 years…In my opinion it has that super sharp resolution for the price day/night compared to other ones under $100. Definitely worth it if you live in cool place like SF, but if you're from the bay area and live in places where it gets over 80 invest more into a dashcam with a higher heat capacitor because mines melted from the mount on my windshield parking it on the street. Great reviews Andrew, I appreciate your side by side video comparison for different models. Considering the dual cam Aukey based on your reviews.

  13. 58 GP

    I have the roav a1 and this is way better and more reliable and the roav a1's sd card fell out while driving and was not found

  14. Ali Mov

    I have the same YI Dashcam. After one year the picture is very blurry. Really bad.
    Any advice how to fix it?

  15. Leonardo Dito

    we cannot turn it on without external battery / electricity?

  16. Dave's Bay Area Dash Cam Videos

    I had one of the Yi! dash cams for a bit & I found that it started to overwrite files well before the memory card was full. I want to say it started to overwrite around 60% of the capacity of the card. Everything else was great but that was unacceptable for me so went back to another DOD dash cam.

  17. Mets

    Hi, why do you have to lower the video quality to 1080p?

  18. Spaced Invader

    I hope he doesnt use that little oven thing for food. God knows what chemicals are coming off the cams he bakes.

  19. Jaime T Rubio III

    Would you recommend it more than the 70mai?

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