Yeehao WIFI HD 1080P 24 MP 16X Camcorder Review by Digital Film Guy

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  1. PlatosRotosPro
    PlatosRotosPro says:

    Hi, If you can see on my channel, I’m doing podcast with video (45-75 min long) do you think this camera would work for me?

  2. 8BitGlitch79
    8BitGlitch79 says:

    Thank you for the review. This camera just popped up on my amazon alert as a lighting deal and I was curious about it , cause I wanted to up my game on my channel video wise, but I think my Galaxy Cell phone is better, which is what I use now.

  3. Yemisi Telufusi
    Yemisi Telufusi says:

    What is your recommendation on a camera/camcorder for a 14year old who loves to make suits on his I phone x. Just want want to him something nice-not just crazy expensive.

  4. Repossess the Northwest
    Repossess the Northwest says:

    I got this camcorder and i love it for the price. I use it for my YouTube Vlog and for streaming live on Twitch and the picture quality is better than most I've used at this price point. personal I feel it is even better then my Logitech web cam and my Panasonic SDR Camcorder. Don't get me wrong its not the quality of a PANASONIC AG-DVX100 but that might be overkill if your Vlog or streaming live.


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