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  1. Carrie Bohlander
    Carrie Bohlander says:

    Me and my homies always had each other's back popping mother fuckin bloods Nothing taking another homie from me they fuckin took old dirty bastard my mane home boy Rollin 90's Crips "nobody gonna stop us this time ain't that right homie".🤧🤧

  2. Tristan Nelson
    Tristan Nelson says:

    My life is broken down by music when it came out I remember where I was if it was good times the song brings back good memories if it was bad times a song like cream is real it was gritty and cold winters was part of growing up on the east coast specially in Virginia. Now it’s mild and depressing winters cold and damp I’d much rather have it freezing with snow. Not much excitement anymore just problems. But things will always come back to the way they was good times ahead hang on.


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