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Next-gen WordPress automation with PanelAlpha


If you follow our professional journey at least for a while, you are likely to know that we aspire to raise the bar ever higher with each innovative project we get off the ground. Our new WordPress-aimed undertaking is the best proof of that. It is for us a moment of great pride to officially announce that the opening stage of works on PanelAlpha has just gotten underway!

Inspired by the WHMCS tool that has already earned the confidence of many, but guaranteed to blaze a whole new trail in business automation, PanelAlpha is being created from square one as a completely standalone system with the central intention of satisfying all kinds of unattended wants and needs in the complex realms of WordPress provisioning and management. Including that for:

  • Full automation of WordPress installation and upgrades
  • Support for all kinds of infrastructure, such as shared hosting, VPS, public cloud, and dedicated servers
  • Toolkit designed specifically for the web hosting industry and managed service providers
  • A well-thought-out UI experience optimized towards the end user

We would like you, our dearest community, to be the first to steal a peek behind the curtain of PanelAlpha, and explore every nook and cranny filled with modern design and assorted quality utilities.

Unwrap PanelAlpha!

There is one condition though: please share your WordPress experience with us! Express whatever thoughts and suggestions popped into your mind while sightseeing, and do it with just a few clicks by filling out the 2-minute survey that has been arranged for this momentous occasion – you will find it right below!

And since all those who support us actively deserve a standing ovation, we will honor each contributor to this important brainstorm with a unique 10% promo code applicable to the full range of products that can be browsed at our Marketplace.

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Next-gen WordPress automation with PanelAlpha!, 4.8 out of 5 based on 25 ratings

Cloud Gaming and Dedicated Servers: More Accessible Gaming


cloud gaming hero image

One of the growing trends in modern gaming is the concept of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming involves the use of cloud (remote) servers to stream games directly onto a user’s device. In this article we will discuss the concept of cloud gaming and discuss the role of dedicated servers in this emerging industry. 

What is Cloud Gaming? 

As mentioned previously, cloud gaming involves the use of cloud servers to provide high-fidelity data streams for use in gaming. In practice, cloud gaming services allow users to play the latest video games without needing specialized hardware to do so. Traditionally, video games have been played on personal computers or home consoles. These physical devices are often expensive or overly complicated, which is where the cloud comes in. 

In theory, a cloud gaming service would allow a user to connect to a remote server via their computer or mobile device and play any supported game using the remote hardware. By handling all of the computational and graphics rendering tasks remotely, the user does not need to have a powerful device in order to play the latest games, only a reliable internet connection. Through cloud gaming, the cost and setup commonly associated with video games can be avoided, making gaming more accessible to everyone.

Role of Dedicated Servers in Cloud Gaming

Since cloud gaming involves the use of powerful server hardware to handle high-fidelity data streams, it is no surprise that dedicated servers play an important role. While individual cloud gaming services differ in how they design their data center infrastructure, dedicated servers usually form the backbone of any large-scale digital service. 

Through the use of powerful dedicated server hardware, cloud gaming services can function as a reliable, inexpensive, and easily accessible way for people to enjoy their favorite video games.

Don’t ruin the game with lag! Get a server that offers the best gaming experience, performance, and processing power with Bare Metal Hosting!

check markTop-Tier Performance    check markPerfect for Gaming    check markCustomizable    check markDedicated Resources

Bare Metal Servers

5 Tips to Choose a Right Web Hosting Company


A web hosting company can be your best friend or worst enemy. Web hosting companies are the foundation of any website, and if you choose one that is not reliable then it could spell disaster for your business.

To avoid this happening to you, make sure that your web host checks off all the boxes that you require.

Below are the five tips on how to choose the right web hosting company without getting duped into something you don’t need.

1. Understand Your Hosting Needs

Choosing a web hosting company is no easy task. With all the different types of hosts out there, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you.

Some people might need more space than others while some may want specific features that other companies do not provide. If your page size is 50KB and you have around 20,000 visitors, your website will need about 5GB of bandwidth per month.

The first thing you should do before looking at any potential providers is understanding exactly what your hosting needs are and what they entail. This way, you will have a better idea of which type of provider would work best for your business or personal needs.

Additionally, web hosting companies are often one-size-fits-all meaning that they provide the same webspace for different types of sites. If you have a small blog or website with only 100 visitors per day then this is not really necessary and can be an added cost for your business.

Ask yourself if you need something that is more commonplace or one that provides more customization options. The more commonplace web hosting company will have lots of information available from others who are providing help.

A unique provider will not have as much help available and will take more background knowledge to configure.

2. Get Reliable Service Anytime You Need

Because your website never goes to sleep that means your visitors could visit you at any hour. This means that you are going to need help at any time of the day, any day of the week.

Find a hosting company that provides a 100% uptime guarantee so that if your web host goes offline for any reason then they will compensate you with some type of credit or service extension.

You want to be able to rely on them at all times without worry, and this is what the best web hosting companies provide. You should also look into customer support offered by providers as this is an important part of web hosting.

If you have a question, then it should be answered quickly and efficiently by the company’s customer service department so that your site stays up at all times. The best web hosting companies are always there for their customers when they need them most.

For a benchmark figure, 99.95% is a normal expectation for uptimes from web hosting companies. Anything below 99% shouldn’t be viewed as acceptable for your website.

There are server monitoring tools you can take advantage of to receive uptime information.

3. Upgrading Options From Your Web Hosting Company

Every good hosting company needs to be able to scale with your business. Without having the proper features available when your site starts growing, you will run into issues with your site’s performance.

Larger web hosting companies offer better features and more scalability than smaller companies, but not all of them have the same offerings. It is up to you to find a web hosting company that has everything your site needs in terms of upgrades.

This way, when it comes time for future scaling-up projects, as well as any down-scaling processes, you will be prepared.

It will also help with security as your site grows. SSL certification and firewall protection, DDoS prevention, malware detection, and backups are all options provided as extra security for your site. 

Backup features will be automatic and frequent to maximize uptime in the event of a server failure. 

Additionally, web hosting companies that offer customer support are more likely to have options available for upgrades and downgrading your account than web hosts with automated services only. It is always best to go with an option that provides not just webspace but a complete package of features so your business can grow.

There are different types of hosting servers that you can utilize when looking to upgrade. Cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting are all available. Which option you choose will depend on how many visitors you get and your site needs.

4. What is the Signup vs Renewal Cost

When a web hosting company needs to bring in more customers it will generally run an advertising campaign of some kind. This can often include a discount on initial signup for its service.

The only problem is that initial payment is only good for a specific amount of time, usually 1 year. After the initial offer, your yearly payments will go up in price when it’s time to renew.

If this is the web hosting company you choose then it might be a good idea to plan on paying for your webspace for multiple years in advance, as they will likely charge you more when renewal time comes around.

By paying in advance, you can generally save money rather than waiting for your yearly renewal when prices might continually rise. The best web hosting companies are always upfront about their pricing and offer packages that include signup fees in yearly payments so there are no surprises.

You can always switch providers after the year to take advantage of a new deal. The issue with switching is it can cause problems with your website if not done correctly.

You’ll need to check with your hosting provider’s sales team before purchasing to see what the rate will be after your renewal. You can also check their terms of service page for additional information.

5. How Easy to Use Is It?

If this is your first time going with a hosting provider you may need to check how easy it is to use before signing up. Hosting involves a lot of technical information and if you don’t have the right background it can be overwhelming.

Some web hosting providers have a setup wizard that will help you with the process. These web hosts are more user-friendly and less technical, which is perfect for beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

If this isn’t an option or if you need something specific like email accounts then it might be best to go with a web host that provides more options for web hosting.

You should also keep in mind that some web hosts will have customer service available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to ensure you can get assistance regardless of when or why you need it.

Getting the Right Hosting Company

No matter if you are new or a seasoned pro, getting the right web hosting company means looking at all their features. You need to know what your personal needs are first and compare them with the web host for the best results.

If this list doesn’t have what you need take a look at our tool that helps you find the best web hosting company for you.


When you buy through affiliate links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you.

Namecheap Summer Sale – Up to 84% OFF Domains, Web Hosting & Security


Namecheap Summer Sale Offers Sizzling Hot Discounts On Domains, Web Hosting, Web Security, Private Email & VPN Services

Namecheap, one of the largest domain registrar around the globe and one-stop destination for online business and website owners, webmasters, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs, today started a 1 week Summer Sale special deal packed with a hefty lineup of online services and solutions, offered at incredibly hot discounted prices until 2nd August midnight ET. 2021.

Namecheap Summer Sale

The sultry days of summer are at full speed, and while several are daydreaming of beaches, trips to hill stations and lazy holidays, small-mid size business owners, freelancers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs and bloggers are still crushing and putting hard efforts to take their online business to the next level. To celebrate those businesses and individuals going at a fast pace during the dull warm days of July (Summer Season), Namecheap is offering huge discounts on selected products and services.

Take that novel thought online with up to 84% off on top domain extensions. Get up to 62% discount on web hosting and upto 62% off on web security services. For the people looking for reliable private email solutions, they offer a flat 30% discount on private email services.

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Savings on Domains Names (Up to 84% OFF)

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  • .ORG Rs.556.81/yr – 42% OFF
  • .ME Domain Rs.221.83/yr – 84% OFF
  • .US Domain Rs.184.61/yr – 71% OFF
  • .IO Domain Rs.2306.13/yr – 23% OFF

  • Shared Hosting Discounts – Up To 62% OFF

  • Stellar Hosting (Yearly) Rs964.74/yr – Save 62% + Free domain to get your small website or blog online affordably, in just a few minutes.
  • Stellar Plus Hosting (Yearly) Rs1679.35/yr – Save 61%Perfect for medium sites with unlimited resources.

  • Discounts on Managed WordPress Hosting – Up To 50% OFF

  • EasyWP Starter (Yearly) Rs.1112.13/yr – Ideal for the first website/blog.
  • EasyWP Turbo (Yearly) Rs.2563.69/yr – Ideal for medium websites.

  • Discounts on Private Email, SSLs & Namecheap VPN – Up To 65% OFF

  • Private Email Yearly: Rs.1764.96 – Save 30%
  • Positive SSL Wildcard Yearly: Rs.445.89/yr – Save 24%
  • Namecheap VPN Yearly: Rs.893.27 – Save 65%

  • Get OFFER

    Sale ends August 2nd, midnight ET.

    The Namecheap Summer Sale starts from midnight ET July 27 and runs for an entire week. For more details, or to take advantage of the massive discounts before the Summer sale ends, visit Namecheap’s Summer Sale page now.

    About Namecheap

    Namecheap is a well-known ICANN-accredited registrar for website domain name registration and cheapest web hosting service providers founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. Having nearly 2 decades of experience in the industry, offering world class security, exceptional service and excellent customer support. With more than 13 million web domains under its management for customers around the world, Namecheap is among the top domain name registrars and best web hosting service providers in the world.

    When Do You Need A Dedicated Server > eWebGuru Blog


    If you own a company you should know that having dedicated server hosting offers all of the benefits and skills you need to take your business from small to internationally known. No longer will companies suffer from slow connections, not having the proper support in place, or staff that can’t perform the way they need to. With a dedicated server, you find the best of the best, and success quickly follows. Success is what every business wants to achieve, and now it is easier than ever to make possible.

    A Faster Connection

    When you are looking for a Los Angeles dedicated server, you need to know that your money is going to the best service possible and that the internet connection will be speedy as a result. As a business owner, you have to ensure that your company is running at its optimal level, and it’s practically impossible to do that without the proper connectivity in place for you to utilize its benefits. You can’t get vital work done with a bad connection or connect with the people you need to. That slows down your work and your productivity at the same time. Having the speed you need ensures that you get things done more efficiently and productively. That, in turn, means that you can have a faster output and workflow.

    Support At Any Time

    Having the appropriate tech support is a beautiful thing to utilize as well. Having a team that can support you around the clock when you need them is even better. With many servers, they won’t offer you the best support. As such, you need to find a service that will help you in the best way possible. You get to deal with people that will walk you through what you need and help you solve any issues before they get to be too much. The best part is that servers recognize the need for twenty-four-hour service, so it is becoming the norm.

    Utilize The Best Server

    When you can utilize the best server, you have a better chance of doing more incredible things and improving daily. Every business needs to be running at a top level and avoid staying the same without ever-improving. That is the sign of a bad business, and that is not the type of reputation you want for yourself. Utilize the best to become the very best.

    Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans▷Instant Upto 80% Off Now!


    Hosting your site is an easy yet expensive task, but nowadays, there are plenty of Hosting Solutions available on the Internet.

    Here In this article, we will babble about the Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans from the Most Amazing Web Hosting Providers, which will solve your problem of limited resources and lack of services on your Web Hosting Plans.

    It took us so long to gather the information about Unlimited Web Hosting plans. Still, finally, we made it and handpicked some of the Best Web Hosting Providers with Unlimited Hosting Plans.

    In this article, you will take a look at each and every aspect so that you can find the right Web Hosting Providers for you. You will see the Introduction, Features, Unlimited Hosting Plans, and the essential Verdict. 

    So, let’s start with some basics.

    Jump the Heading you Love the Most 🥰

    Do You Know What Unlimited Web Hosting Is? 

    Without creating any mirage, we will tell you about Unlimited Web Hosting. Well, there’s nothing special in Unlimited Web Hosting.

    Also, this is not a type of Web Hosting; Companies simply give their clients Unlimited Disk Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited SubDomains, Unlimited Email Accounts, and an Unlimited number of WebSites you can Host.

    What Unlimited Web Hosting Is?

    The companies renamed their Cheap Shared Hosting Plans with Unlimited Web Hosting due to the resources they offer, and obviously, they will charge you a bit more for Unlimited Resources for your site.  

    Why You Should Choose Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

    Many Hosting providers provoke you to choose their expensive plans. Still, they trust me the expensive ones are only useful for you if you are looking for Unlimited Disk Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited SubDomains, Unlimited Email Accounts and an Unlimited number of WebSites.

    unlimited Web Hosting Plans

    If you need any one of them or all of them, you must go with an Unlimited Web Hosting plan which is cheap and provides you with the resources you need.

    BTW, Unlimited Hosting Plans are mentioned below. The List is obviously not small so stick and get your answers 👀. 

    Most WideSpread Unlimited Hosting Providers In 2021

    So, now let’s invoke Best Unlimited Hosting Providers In 2021, you will get to know about the 8 supreme leaders in this Hosting Industry. 

    Let’s Break Them Down,

    1. Interserver (Best For VPS Hosting)

    One of the best yet underrated Hosting providers has been in the market since 1999 and that makes them one of the Oldest Web Hosting providers in the market.

    Interserver Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

    Interserver offers the Hosting service at just $2.50 per month.

    Take a look at their Features.


    • Web Application Firewall
    • Outboard Email Protection 
    • DDoS Protection
    • Cloudflare CDN
    • Weekly backups

    Plans and Pricing

    • Unlimited SSD Hosting
    • $2.50/Mo
    • Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Free Website Migration
    • Free SSL Certificates
    • SitePad Website Builder
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    But, if you want to know more about Interserver Click Here.

    As you can see the company offers Unlimited SSD Hosting, Unlimited Email Accounts, and SitePad website builder so that you can make your dream site.

    Our Verdict

    For Unlimited Web Hosting, you have to pay a minimal amount of $2.50 per month and you can rely on this company because you will get Intershield Protection with a 30 Days Money back guarantee. You can opt for them because they give a bunch of features with their Unlimited Hosting Plans. 

    2. Youstable (Best In Segment Web Hosting Provider)

    YouStable is the Best Hosting Solution for you if you are sick of poor customer support and fake promises.

    YouStable Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

    YouStable is a fast yet reliable web hosting provider with Best Unlimited Hosting Plans for you. The company uses Bit Ninja protection and also gives Free CDN, it doesn’t end here the company also offers Free Site Migration.


    • Free Content Delivery Network From Cloudflare
    • Free SSL Certificate 
    • Best Customer Support 24*7*365
    • NVMe SSD Drives
    • Tier II Data Centers

    Plans and Pricing

    • Unlimited Websites
    • Free Domain With Every Plan
    • 100 GB NVMe SSD Space
    • 500 GB
    • 5 GB RAM
    • Free Malware Removal
    • LiteSpeed WebServers
    • DDoS Protection
    • Premium CSF Firewall

    YouStable uses the latest hardware and software in its servers and this makes them the most optimized Web Hosting Provider in this price segment. The company is offering a pretty good bunch of features with a minimal pricing tag. 

    youstable Unlimited web hosting plans

    Want to know more? Click Here.             

    Our Verdict

    As you already know I’m reviewing it Honestly and it’s very obvious that no one is perfect but as per the pricing I found YouStable as the most prominent Unlimited Hosting Provider.

    The company is doing pretty well in every aspect but they don’t have any Knowledge base and the Customer service is only active in Working Hours(call) 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM IST.

    3. A2Hosting (Fastest Hosting Provider)

    A2 is also known as the old monk of the Hosting industry and this company has been giving Hosting services for the last 18 years and this is literally huge although they didn’t just spend time in this industry they even gathered a huge customer base.

    A2Hosting Unlimited web Hosting Plans

    They are one of the best Unlimited WebHosting Providers available in the market. 


    • Free Content Delivery Network
    • NVMe SSD Drives
    • Turbo Fast LiteSpeed WebServers 
    • 24/7 customer support from guru crew
    • Tools for developers
    • Uptime of 99.95 Percent

    Plans and Pricing

    A2 Offers 4 plans for Unlimited WebHosting and the lowest starting plan will cost you $1.99 and the most expensive one will cost you $12.99. 

    Each and every plan got something different and the company tried to keep each and every plan different from each other. So, go through them thoroughly and keep an eye on your favourite plan.

    Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans- Get Upto 80% Off On Hosting

    If you are eager to know more about A2 Hosting then Click Here.

    Our Verdict

    A2 Hosting is a famous and fast Unlimited WebHosting Provider and it always stands on the top Web Hosting Provider’s list.

    The Company offers 4 amazing plans, and you can find the ideal one as per your pocket and requirement. The Company is not offering Cheap Unlimited Hosting but yeah services are good. 

    4. Fastcomet (Best Managed Web Hosting Provider)

    FastComet is a leading Web Host, and they are a transparent Unlimited Web Hosting Provider which has grown up a lot in the last few years.

    Fastcomet Best Unlimited web hosting plans

    Fastcomet is a business Hosting Provider with Decent Unlimited Web Hosting Plans, this company provides many Hosting solutions which many of us finds quite useful, let us take a look at their Features.


    • Hassle-Free Unlimited Hosting Plans
    • Free Website Migration
    • Offers Free Daily Backups
    • cPanel control panel.
    • Cloud Flare CDN

    Plans and pricing

    The company offers 3 plans and calls them the Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans. The first one will cost you $2.95, the recommended one will cost you $4.45 per month and the most valuable one will cost you a minimal price of $5.95 per month. 

    Fastcomet Best Unlimited web hosting plans

    For more details Click Here.

    Our Verdict

    Fastcomet is a prominent and reliable Web Hosting provider which will host your site and your site will run like a rocket. The server response rate from this site is quite appreciable, this Hosting provider is not cheap but yes they are FAST.

    5. Hostgator (Professional Web Hosters)

    This Hosting Provider has been in the market since 2002 and has built a heavy customer base, by giving one of the Best Unlimited Hosting services.

    Hostgator Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

    The company offers a cPanel control panel and also supports the latest angular and PHP versions, let’s take a look at their features.


    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • WordPress Optimised
    • Premium cPanel Control Panel
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Guarantee Server Uptime of 99.91%  

    Plans and Pricing 

    As you can see there are some special offers going on, you can get a Huge Discount of Up To 65% and on the image, you can also see the recommended Unlimited Web Hosting plan.

    Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans- Get Upto 80% Off On Hosting

    For an in-depth review Click Here.

    Our Verdict

    If you are looking for an old and prominent web hosting provider and your primary choice is Unlimited Bandwidth then Hostgator is the right choice for you, So, thoroughly observe their plans and if you find them as the Right Hosting Provider for You then you must get the service.

    6. Hostinger ( Cheapest WebHosting Provider)

    Hostinger is reliable and the Cheap Web Hosting Provider on this list is Hostinger and also offers Unlimited Web Hosting Plans. Hostinger is the cheapest hosting provider on this list and this is the main reason this company is here, else there’s nothing so special in this Hosting Provider.

    Hostinger Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

    The Unlimited Hosting Service is also pretty so let’s take a look at their features followed by Unlimited Hosting plans.


    • DirectAdmin Control Panel 
    • Free Domain & Secure Socket Lock certificate
    • 24/7/365 support(No Chat)
    • Gives NGINX Web Servers
    • Cloudflare integration
    • DDoS support 

    Plans and pricing

    As you can see the company offers 3 plans and recommends the Premium Shared Hosting plan, which will cost you $2.59 per month. The company is good for you if there are serious financial issues, else you can go with YouStable or A2 Hosting. 

    Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans- Get Upto 80% Off On Hosting

    For an in-depth review Click Here to know more.

    Our Verdict

    As I have already mentioned the Hostinger offers Cheap Unlimited Hosting Plans and many of us can easily afford Hostiner’s Web Hosting but keep in mind that the company doesn’t offer Chat support and the lowest Starting plans only gives you 256GM of RAM which means sluggish Hosting Service.

    Why Do You Need Unlimited Hosting?

    Why Do You Need Unlimited Web Hosting? Guys Unlimited Web Hosting is necessary for everyone who is running out of space and looking for a way so that they can Host Unlimited Websites, and Unlimited Hosting is nothing so special, the companies only rename their plans and extend resources in their regular Shared Web Hosting Plan.

    Still not satisfied? 

    In nutshell, you will need an Unlimited Web Hosting service when you want hassle-free Web Hosting. I know it’s quite irritating when you see you are running out of resources. So, the best solution is to switch to Unlimited Web Hosting.

    Take a Look at the Benefits of Unlimited Web Hosting plans?

    Well, there are plenty of Benefits with unlimited Web Hosting Plans and we will talk about them all. Firstly unlimited Hosting means unlimited resources, Such as:

    • Unlimited Disk Storage
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited SubDomains
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited number of WebSites

    All these things are included in the Unlimited Web Hosting Plans and these resources are the key to getting the Hassle-Free Unlimited WebHosting for your Site.

    What Factors to Consider for Unlimited Hosting

    Before Selecting the Unlimited Web Hosting you must take a look at these concrete points to get the Ideal Unlimited Web Hosting Provider.

    When getting Unlimited Web Hosting to be aware of the number of websites you can host, if they are charging a lot then try to change the Unlimited Web Hosting Provider.

    Keep in mind that the companies must not charge extra for Unlimited Web Hosting and they all must be affordable for everyone who is looking for a Host.

    Server Uptime is one of the most crucial points before selecting the Hosting provider, for example, YouStable gives Legit server uptime and server monitoring, so you must check the Hosting Providers server Up Time.

    Customer service is also a crucial point, let suppose you have a WooCommerce Site then every time your site goes down, you will lose customers and in terms of customer service, YouStable and FastComet are the right choices.

    Let, suppose you have a Forum Website then you’ll have a lot of traffic and if you run out of your limited monthly bandwidth, the company will charge you extra for it, and in my opinion, it’s quite frustrating. So, it’s better to stick high or unlimited bandwidth on Unlimited Web Hosting Plans. 


    What is unlimited web hosting?

    A type of Hosting service in which the resources are unlimited or near to unlimited so that the users can run their site without any interruption.

    How to get Unlimited website Hosting?

    Simply select an Unlimited Web Hosting Plan from an Unlimited Web Hosting Provider which offers you ‘N’ number of website Hosting. 

    What does the Bluehost Unlimited website mean?

    BlueHost Unlimited Website means you can Host Unlimited Websites from the plan which is named PLUS and CHOICE PLUS, and the plan will cost you a minimal amount of $3.72.

    Can I buy hosting for one month?

    Yes, obviously you can buy Hosting For 1 Month but it’s not a good idea because it will cost you more, the Hosting Companies offer Higher Discounts on Higher validity plans.

    Googiehost Expert Advice

    So, Finally, you have reached the conclusion of Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans and you might have got the right Web Hosting provider for your site, if you are still confused then you can ask me in the comment section below, I’ll be so happy to reply to you all. Just for the reminder, I’m again mentioning the points before selecting the Unlimited Hosting Plan for your website. 

    • Unlimited Disk Storage
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited SubDomains
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited number of WebSites

    And I have mentioned these companies on my list,

    If you are still confused then again read about them. (Just click on the company name).
    Happy Hosting 🙂 🚀.

    Best place in USA to order new hardware ?


    For used I use eBay but I’m looking to get 2 new amd servers soon.

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    The Quick-Start Guide for Plesk eCommerce Toolkit Users


    With the launch of the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit, online store owners like you have the opportunity to access tools that make it faster and easier to start selling online, directly through your own website. Through the toolkit, many functions are available for the configuration of your eCommerce store. In this guide, we will take you through how you can set up the first version of your online store and present it to your customers today! So let’s get started on setting up your virtual store: Using the set-up assistant Adding products Duplicating products Importing products Adding a digital products Accepting…

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    July 2021 Web Server Survey


    In the July 2021 survey we received responses from 1,216,435,462 sites across 262,098,666 unique domains and 11,260,130 web-facing computers. This reflects a gain of 3.16 million sites, 1.99 million domains, and 161,000 computers.

    nginx gained the largest number of sites, computers and domains this month – and continues to lead in each of these metrics – but it lost the most active sites, and its presence amongst the top million sites also fell by the largest amount. The largest active sites gain was made by Google (+1.02 million), while Cloudflare was the only major vendor to increase its share amongst the top million sites (+1,732).

    Despite strong growth by Google and Cloudflare, Apache still has the largest number of active sites and greatest presence within the top million sites, while nginx is second in both of these metrics.

    nginx’s gain of 7.99 million sites was followed by an additional 1.36 million sites powered by OpenResty, which is a web server based on nginx. More than 12 million of the 75.4 million sites that use OpenResty are Tumblr microblogging websites under the tumblr.com domain.

    OpenResty was originally sponsored by Yahoo! China and Taobao prior to 2011, but Taobao now maintains its own Tengine web server, which is also based on nginx. This is currently used by 11.3 million websites, including 3.13 million C2C ecommerce sites that use the taobao.com domain and 265,000 sites like disney.tmall.com that use the Tmall.com B2C platform.

    The number of websites powered by Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) fell by 1.92 million to 51.6 million this month. These sites are spread across 13.5 million unique domains and use several different versions of IIS.

    The widespread use of several different versions of IIS is likely to continue as Microsoft announced Extended Security Updates for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 on 14 July. Customers who migrate their workloads to Microsoft Azure will get free extended security updates for three more years, while those who choose to run Windows Server on-premises will have the option to purchase the updates. These versions of Windows Server provide the IIS 8.0 and IIS 8.5 web server software, which is still used by 21.4 million websites in this month’s survey.

    One year of extended security updates are also available for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 on Azure only. These older versions of Windows Server use IIS 7.0 and IIS 7.5, which are still used by 15.7 million websites.

    The latest version of Microsoft’s web server software, IIS 10.0, is currently used by 12.1 million websites. This version can be found on Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, and can also run on the preview version of Windows Server 2022.

    Other vendor and hosting news

    • nginx 1.21.1 mainline was released on 6 July. This version includes a few bugfixes and improved error reporting.
    • njs 0.6.1 – the JavaScript-based scripting language that allows nginx functionality to be extended – was released on 29 June. This is a bugfix release.
    • Caddy Web Server saw its 100th release on 17 June. Caddy 2.4.3 includes some bugfixes and an important security update for PHP-based websites.
    • Apache Tomcat 10.1.0-M2 (alpha), 10.0.8 and 9.0.50 were released on 2 July, followed by Tomcat 8.5.69 on 5 July. Tomcat 10.1.0-M2 (alpha) differs from 10.0.8 in that it is targeted at Jakarta EE 10 rather than EE 9. A migration tool is available for applications that run on Tomcat 9 and earlier, as these are targeted at Java EE and must be changed to use Jakarta EE.
    • Windows Server 2022 is now in preview on the Evaluation Center.
    Total number of websites

    Web server market share

    Developer June 2021 Percent July 2021 Percent Change
    nginx 436,536,643 35.98% 444,524,631 36.54% 0.56
    Apache 316,035,390 26.05% 311,567,368 25.61% -0.43
    OpenResty 74,108,751 6.11% 75,464,874 6.20% 0.10
    Cloudflare 55,028,905 4.54% 54,611,856 4.49% -0.05
    Web server market share for active sites

    Developer June 2021 Percent July 2021 Percent Change
    Apache 49,398,224 24.76% 49,484,303 24.64% -0.12
    nginx 41,146,394 20.63% 40,782,096 20.31% -0.32
    Google 18,892,387 9.47% 19,907,822 9.91% 0.44
    Cloudflare 17,499,692 8.77% 17,611,398 8.77% -0.00

    For more information see Active Sites

    Web server market share for top million busiest sites

    Developer June 2021 Percent July 2021 Percent Change
    Apache 251,808 25.18% 249,870 24.99% -0.19
    nginx 228,432 22.84% 225,729 22.57% -0.27
    Cloudflare 173,572 17.36% 175,304 17.53% 0.17
    Microsoft 64,781 6.48% 64,023 6.40% -0.08
    Web server market share for computers

    Developer June 2021 Percent July 2021 Percent Change
    nginx 4,050,181 36.49% 4,137,508 36.74% 0.25
    Apache 3,519,176 31.71% 3,522,835 31.29% -0.42
    Microsoft 1,392,573 12.55% 1,390,437 12.35% -0.20
    Web server market share for domains

    Developer June 2021 Percent July 2021 Percent Change
    nginx 76,168,544 29.28% 77,445,461 29.55% 0.26
    Apache 68,192,066 26.22% 68,182,494 26.01% -0.20
    OpenResty 37,614,546 14.46% 37,945,007 14.48% 0.02
    Cloudflare 19,320,282 7.43% 19,629,981 7.49% 0.06

    Web page speed test from multiple locations at the same time.



    Currently I am looking for a web page speed test that can test the web page from multiple locations at the same time. The only one I can find online is https://performance.sucuri.net/. But it does not brings enough data.

    Then I find this picture https://guozeyu.com/images/2017/cdn-9.png, which contains all the data I want.

    I try to find the contact information of the author but failed. So I just wonder if anyone know on which site this performance result is generated?