Wolfbox G840 12" LCD Dual Front & Rear Dash Cam Review

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  1. Jon Shearer
    Jon Shearer says:

    Bought one but soon realised, they're designed for Left Hand Drive. With the camera on the rear view mirror, even though it has a 170 degree angle of view, the driver cannot turn the screen to an optimal point to the right to take full advantage of the screen brightness. viz. with the camera at full gimble to the right, the rear view mirror can't go any further to the left before cutting off the view on the right hand side. Also, my car is a 2006 model and the ball mount on the mirror is slightly worn. The additional weight of the unit, plus the assymetrical mount on the mirror twists and drops the front of the screen to point floorward. Making up a special mount.

  2. Damian Serdiuk
    Damian Serdiuk says:

    Hi mate loop recording is working as should? I've just had a car accident and i have footage few minutes before and few minutes after….

    I looking for good product this time.

  3. skyla phillips
    skyla phillips says:

    At night my back up camera is black white and fuzzy in certain areas and I find it a little upsetting…I wish it was as clear as the front…do I need to change a setting or will it always be like this

  4. Christopher S
    Christopher S says:

    Good video. Not sure how you can stand living in ny or driving there. It annoyed me just watching a few minutes of it 🤣

  5. H i
    H i says:

    fantastic video, at times you’re driving and you can’t see the number plate of the car in the lanes to your left or right, i assume that’s due to Youtube and the way it processes videos and i correct? or is that the camera? also, during summer days does the camera ever glare up where you can’t see imagine clearly?

  6. Wayne Tremblay
    Wayne Tremblay says:

    You mentioned Jado Smart which appears on the Screen under the Date and Time. Is that your name or your online name? It doesn't appear on my G840S that I installed today Sept 25 2020. Can I put my name there and if so, how? TKS

  7. Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson says:

    Is this viable as just a good mirror/reflecting surface? Can it be recording etc while you are driving and using it as a normal mirror with no display? Also is the parking mode/monitor good with motion detection when hardwired?

  8. Jon Shearer
    Jon Shearer says:

    I bought one of these in Australia (Amazon) and was just tooling around YouTube looking at installation videos but happy I found your review. Not only does it support my purchase it shows me stuff about setup etc. Very informative. My only challenge will be to fit the rear camera, some distance away from the mirror ie at the rear of my Caravan. Any way of finding out if it's actually possible?

  9. UfoBlue
    UfoBlue says:

    The connections of the rear camera is the same as other rear mirror camera. I prefer the 840s design rear camera. I'm hoping it works on another model with the same connection

  10. Doug Abbott
    Doug Abbott says:

    Purchased this unit and did the install all went well until the rear camera. All I get is Warning Undetected Rear Camera. I have checked the connections but no rear camera. Defective ?


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