What Koreans Think of Apple (vs Samsung) | ASIAN BOSS

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  1. Asian Boss
    Asian Boss says:

    The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of Asian Boss or the general South Korean population. And no, we were not sponsored by either Samsung or Apple to make this video. Which brand do you prefer to use? Discuss.

  2. Abderrahmane
    Abderrahmane says:

    Personally I prefer Samsung for the "free aspect" like the free OS, the sd card and the fact that you can use products from different brands (like headphones for examples) without damaging them (iPhones are programmed to damage non-apple products)

  3. Cthight
    Cthight says:

    In Japan i realised the same. Most of them had Iphones. I was wondering because i thought they support their homebrand Sony. Well in Korea it seems young people chose phones because it look cool and stylish instead of pure patrotism then the older people. Samsung phones dont look bad they can also be stylish and cool. Apple just did perfect marketing to brainwash thats why all think they are cool but actually they are a bit overhyped and overrated for my taste. Both apple and samsung make good phones. Its hard to pick a winner because it depens on the persons prefrences.

  4. Ashwin Giri
    Ashwin Giri says:

    Korean: Samsung is better in tech. Dude your Samsung is there because Apple brought the revolution in the tech market , otherwise your copycat cheap Samsung would had just been stuck in the old Stone Age with keyboards and ripping off people.

  5. Intel HD Graphics Gaming
    Intel HD Graphics Gaming says:

    iPhones have better processors, gaming performance, video recording, camera in some areas, security, privacy, software support than Samsung.

  6. Yusuke Octo
    Yusuke Octo says:

    Most kids only want iPhones because of the brand. They call Samsung poor phones even though they’re better than iPhones in my opinion


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