Walmart Supercenter in Glen Burnie, Maryland [03]

Walmart Supercenter in Glen Burnie, Maryland [03]
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Image by SchuminWeb
Front end of the Walmart Supercenter in Glen Burnie, Maryland, viewed from the far side of the registers near the grocery-side entrance. The dark area in this photo is caused by an insufficient number of light fixtures in this area, likely due to structural elements left over from an interior corridor that previously occupied this area.

This store is somewhat unusual as Walmart stores go. According to what I’ve found, this store was built in 1991 as a Leedmark hypermarket store, which closed in 1994. Following the closing, Walmart and Mars Supermarket occupied space in the building. A long interior corridor existed along the front of the building. The Mars store closed in 2008, and Walmart expanded to a Supercenter in late 2010.

While the building now looks mostly like a typical Walmart Supercenter, clues to the building’s past remain. The building is taller and boxier outside, the ceilings are higher inside, there are no skylights, and additional supports from the (now demolished) interior corridor are visible at the front of the store.

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