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  1. Michael George
    Michael George says:

    I don't get into which label is superior to another Motown Stax TSOP they all had distinct sounds o judge any song by where I was who I was with and what we did many songs have an emotional connection with me I will always remember that it ain't no price on Happiness

  2. Roxanna Dorsey
    Roxanna Dorsey says:

    Your refusal to communicate with me is CLEAR. i get it. Forgive me please for the delay of my foolish denial. I promise you with my heartbreak to LET GO. “WALK ON BY. “as the late great Mr Isaac Hayes sings, & the late great Amy Winehouse sings “His message was brutal but his delivery was kind.

  3. Braden Huff
    Braden Huff says:

    Here in 2020 @ 31 years old. I’m in love with these old cuts. Issac is probably 1 of the grooviest I’ve ever heard. 🤲🏿🙌🏿

  4. Angel52
    Angel52 says:


    Everytime I hear of this song, I think of the movie Dead Presidents❤
    And 1997 lol
    The 90s were the golden years.
    Take me back
    Give me a time machine🤣🥰❤😁


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