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  1. Inner City Slickers Live the Dream
    Inner City Slickers Live the Dream says:

    I just bought the drone…2 problems….First of all how do you get the props to move and also I my phone cant find the wi-fi signal from the drone

  2. Dazed Vaper
    Dazed Vaper says:

    Is there a way to auto hover? I’ve connected to the drone to the app successfully using the drone WiFi. The follow me, return-to-home, etc always times out on me

  3. Real Dee
    Real Dee says:

    I have wrecked mine a couple of times, changed the propeller and back flying again. Do you still like this Drone and how durable is it?

  4. Shane Barber.
    Shane Barber. says:

    I just bought this wonderful and great drone. Gonna fly for the first time.✈✈
    Hope you are doing well my good friend and God bless you always. Thank you so much

  5. Jakes Dronelife
    Jakes Dronelife says:

    What do you think About the drone now that you've had it for a couple months I just bought one yesterday and I haven't tested it out yet

  6. João Dias de Carvalho
    João Dias de Carvalho says:

    Hi, I wish you a great week Maverick… Thanks for sharing your video with us and let's go forward together… best regards!!! What's new on my channel? I filmed with Parrot Bebop Flight Plan 2 across Cape Ledo, a breathtaking landscape… and all its huge white sand beach and its surfers, campers and countless adventurers… welcome … and you can , if you want to continue this trip to Porto Amboim, Sumbe, the Binga waterfalls and go to Gabela… in Angola, Africa…. you are always welcome!!!


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