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    I have used it 6months, my honest feedback about vivo y15 :- good budget smartphone,not for High end Gaming, decent games will work smoothly,in pubg it will give good graphic but lags when increased graphic and fps is about 30 PFS,it looks like premium phone , camera is also decent not so good and not so bad , slow-motion cam is very bad as per my review , storage is also decent 64 gb…overall GOOD DEVICE FOR NORMAL USAGE AND NOT FOR GAMING 🥰…..THANK ME LATER ITS MY REVIEW FOR USING 6MONTHS

  2. Nizam Nizam
    Nizam Nizam says:

    ভাই আস্সামুআলাইকুম কেমন আছেন আমার ভিভু y15 ঢাস দরকার দাম কত জানাবেন কি ভাবে পেতে পারি

  3. Ans Gamer
    Ans Gamer says:

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