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  1. ingrid kollmer
    ingrid kollmer says:

    I am so excited! Someone using a Huawei with a gimbal!!! not an iPhone.Pleeease give me recommendation which gimbal lets me use the slo mo and wide angle lens capability of my Huawei P20Pro.Seems like fairly all the tests with phone gimbals are done on iPhones.You are using Zhiyun Q2?Great review by the way! Congrats!Exciting innovative and beauty full phone.

  2. Nickolas Winter
    Nickolas Winter says:

    does Vivo provide adequate support and for how long,? With phones all being virtually the same these days and very capable of lasting 4-5 years i feel this is virtually the only area that matters especially with samsung now upping its game and offering three android updates with it's top tier devices.

  3. SpooN MaN
    SpooN MaN says:

    I subscribed to this channel not only because I wanted to win the OnePlus 8 pro that MrMobile is giving out. Also because I have been watching the reviews of this channel and I have to say it's very detailed. ☺

  4. Angelo Joshua Andeo
    Angelo Joshua Andeo says:

    Hi Michael Josh! vivo X50 Pro is priced Php. 39,999, will you still give it the GadgetMatch seal of approval?

  5. Bernard Pica
    Bernard Pica says:

    Finally they lunch another Android phone I really love this new phone gimbal cam and more power battery maybe soon or for my x-mass gift to myself! 🤣


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