Vince Gill – Go Rest High On That Mountain (Official Music Video)

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  1. Robert High
    Robert High says:

    Helped my wife get through things with her cancer and missed so very much when she passed gave a great fight and just went to rest in peace and god bless Suanne

  2. Marshall Webb
    Marshall Webb says:

    My grandpa passed away June 26th of this year. This song brings me tears for a man who raised me on good ole country music and raised me to be a man of my word. My dad wasn't around but my grandpa sure was. I love you Gramps I'll see you again ❤️

  3. G hi hh B hug d rut y u.c
    G hi hh B hug d rut y u.c says:

    Life on earth is nourishing but pain and suffering and heart but one day we will not heart we will be calling home up in the heavens


    To all the people hurting, just remember there is just a body in the grave, your loved one is alive and well, he or she has just left their body for their true form and you will see them again.

  5. Serenity Hyatt
    Serenity Hyatt says:

    we played this at my big brother's funeral, it has been since July of 03, and to this day,,,I can not hear this song and not cry until we meet again brother I love ya hope mom is with you waiting on me..

  6. Alana Smith
    Alana Smith says:

    Dedicated to my little brother Termite who went on to Heaven.We love you and miss you very much!Life just isn’t the same without you.😔


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