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  1. David Ridlen
    David Ridlen says:

    An advantage to those hefty shoulder cameras was that you looked very official. In early 80s, no one even knew what a video camera was or had even heard the word "video" before, so I could literally walk into any event or stadium for free and everyone assumed I was suppose to be there. Back then, people were MUCH less suspicious of a stranger with a camera, as they usually smiled, waved and asked "what channel is this gonna be on?" It feels SO much more pro and satisfying to hug a camera on your shoulder, instead of palming a toy in your outstretched arm like every tourist.

    The best feature is being able to manually zoom and focus by physically twisting the lens with your fingers, to personal effect. Sometimes you want to crash-zoom or rack focus on the fly, and that puts you in precise control instead of hoping a robot knows what you want to focus on.

    I could capture more spontaneous reactions by holding the camera at my hip, and looking down into the upturned viewfinder with the eye-cover open, so the camera was less obtrusive than at eye level, causing people to pay less or not attention to me, and assumed I was just adjusting something and not actually recording.

    I still have a couple of those, mid-80s cameras, and every model had at least one cool, weird feature/gimmick that no other camera had, in attempt to compete in a new market. My Olympus VX-S405-U has an odd "gain" button that sorta mimics the look of grainy 24fps film, that arty farts always thought was cool. Nothing else looks like it.

  2. geo58impala
    geo58impala says:

    What are you talking about??? The video quality on your '85 camcorder looks great!! I can't wait to make my own home movies on my RCA DSP3 once it comes in the mail! Livin' back in time is so much fun!!! 😀

  3. Jack Torrance
    Jack Torrance says:

    I was 15 when the Panasonic came out and I thought it was the coolest thing. You could record your own movies and major studio releases that were just coming out on VHS. When I was a kid you went to the cinema to watch a movie a couple times and then that was it. You had to hope it was going to be on television. Kids today can't understand how awesome the VHS (and Beta)boom in the 80s was. Being born in 1970 I've been able to experience huge advances in technology and it's been incredible. I really liked the video.

  4. dtfoxtreasures
    dtfoxtreasures says:

    I needed to watch and learn but your poor language was unnecessary. So… no watch and no subscription! And…. God will remember you used His name in vain. He loves you anyway.

  5. Ed venuto
    Ed venuto says:

    My mom.bought me a camcorder and a garage in 1999 2000. It was great I watched whatever I filmed back then in vhs. It was great

  6. bartsimpson83
    bartsimpson83 says:

    I found a Panasonic Omnimovie at my local thrift store today and gave it a loving home. Now all I need are some actors and a script…

  7. Agatha Snowball
    Agatha Snowball says:

    More buttons than the cockpit of a nasa space shuttle hahahaha. This is the funniest review ever but also very informative.


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