Van der Graaf Generator – H to He, Who Am the Only One (Full Album)

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  1. 黒石りんご
    黒石りんご says:


  2. Tiziano V
    Tiziano V says:

    V. D. G. G, uno dei gruppi che ha saputo darmi più emozioni. Li ho amati subito, Hammil con una voce splendida, atmosfere da brivido, fuori dalle convenzioni. Musica in libertà con fantasia e immaginazione. Un sax che ti fa incapponare la pelle. Splebdidi. L'unico ramnarico che non sono mai riyscito a sentirli dal vivo🥰

  3. Paolo Petrucciani
    Paolo Petrucciani says:

    i bought this record in 1970…i was only 14 and it hugely influenced my approach to music. They are one of the best band ever existed. No one else did music like this …never.

  4. Shadegat3
    Shadegat3 says:

    VDGG were one of my earliest experiences in self administered music. Refugees being one of the first i heared at about 13. By then, this music eas past tense because it was early 1980's. I got into LSD about 1986 and i had this album. Such a contrast to The Moody Blues and many others of their time, but we would trip to these records and there was nothing like it. They'd been there and done it. They knew how to give you a good trip.

    Exceptional work of mastery in art and spirit.


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