under eye mask for anti-ageing black circles bags puffy eyes

under eye mask for anti-ageing black circles bags puffy eyes
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Product Details:

Improved version with Eight Hours night care. It’s always the NO.1 popular product. This product contains plant oxygen extracts(EOPE)to active cell oxygen capacity that is 24 hours repair the eye skin. The magical of plant oxygen extracts(EOPE) which stimulate the mitochondrial DNA of the core elements-cell memory(cimc), the release of precipitation memory gene in the state, to active cell memories ,to support energy, and repair fiber cells to improve vitality and elasticity,smooth the fine lines and winkles. Let you skin like newborn baby.

How To Use:

After facial cleaning, please open the bag along the gap, and extract eye masks from the aluminum bag. Uncover the light membrane, and apply the mask around the eye, gently pressing it to assist the skin absorbing the nourishment in the mask. Then we can enjoy the brightening and hydrating magic for EIGHT HOURS night care.

Three times per week and Three boxes as a course of treatment.

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