TP-Link Kasa Spot Review and Setup – KC100 Indoor Camera Test

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  1. A J
    A J says:

    Perspective: With my partner and I temper (it is genetic) our argueing can get us a police call and one of us (most surely my partner who tatooed and older) will be taken away and charged with domestic violence. It has gotten close to that for us one time and it is not normal for me. Grew up when no one cared and or though they cared. Well…I have attended domestiv violence support groups. Why do these tech comanpies get a write off for stalking and normalizing invasion? HIding it as "Security camera" for convenience? Abusers have used methods that these smart cameras pitch for ages. I more then certain those types of mind sets are behind the product management of this with out a doubt. I am pretty all abusers are high fiving the idea of this being normalized.
    There was an article a not to far back (from silicon valley) of DV advocates trying to sound the alarm of abusers (yes in the hills as Tech company CEOs) using unthinkable tactics to track their victims every move etc. Have control of their finances in everyway.

  2. apologen
    apologen says:

    "very clear video" "high quality".. clearly the quality is poor. In which world is this video high quality???… The price vs quality is good though, considering getting one.

  3. Darren Baker
    Darren Baker says:

    I just bought the tp link tapo c100. It looks identical but the sound quality from the cameras speaker is pretty much useless. It's extremely distorted regardless of settings or phone I use to talk through. Do you know if these are the same or could the speakers be different.

  4. KillaMC305
    KillaMC305 says:

    Aside from motion detection, is it possible to set up (continuous) recording on this camera if you purchase the SD card? Example: 8 hours of continuous recording of a baby in a crib?

  5. Moriarty Vivaldi
    Moriarty Vivaldi says:

    Does it save motion detected portions automatically? And save it in your phone app to check out and eventually save it?

  6. Alicia Rice
    Alicia Rice says:

    I have the smart light bulb, smart light switch and smart plug and they all work beautifully and sync real will with my Google Home Hub. I will look into getting this indoor camera and if I can find it anywhere the outdoor camera for my backyard. Thank you for the review. I think it will work well for what I want to achieve for added security.


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