TP Link C200 Tapo Security Camera Review

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  1. Gourav Shil
    Gourav Shil says:

    If power gets off.. And then it comes after sometime. Do i have to reset again the camera or it will automatically connect to wifi and start working?

  2. Otto Fumbler
    Otto Fumbler says:

    Thanks for the review. Next time, can you do a bit on the playback UI please? While that's more of a review of the app, it's important to know how easy and accurate it is to use. I own a couple of different IP cams, and each app I use has good/bad points when using the playback features. Would be nice to see this aspect fully covered in a review of this security cam.

  3. Michael Boys
    Michael Boys says:

    Great video. I am interested in purchasing one of these. However, can you still watch live feeds without a memory card? I am not bothered about storing any data. I just want to keep an eye on my cat when we are away. So, can you still do a live feed without a memory card?

  4. YJ Chong
    YJ Chong says:

    If not mistaken, the quick start guide of Tapo C200 stated that:
    • This product is not intended to be used when providing medical care. Consult the manufacturer of any personal medical devices, such as pacemakers or hearing aids to determine if they are adequality shielded from external RF (radio frequency) energy.

    • Do not use this product in health care facilities. Hospitals or health care facilities may be using equipment that could be sensitive to external RF energy.

    Question to ask:
    One of my sister has pacemaker, should I locate Tapo C200 in my home or should I stop her entered the premise? Her pacemaker is not shield from external RF, where she cannot go for MRI screening. What is your advice? TQ.

  5. Raul
    Raul says:

    Good night. You know how to tell if it allows remote access from another distant network. For example, with it installed at home, can I access it from work? Thank you

  6. Ella Ella
    Ella Ella says:

    I just bought one for keep an eye on my drive way. I already use Alfred app. My question is :it will record when activity is happening and send me a notification (like Alfred does)? Also, I know I need to download an app and I already have a ds card. A part from this, do I need anything else?

  7. Suicide Booth
    Suicide Booth says:

    I added one of these to my home WiFi six months ago and my WiFi instantly went from stable with no connection issues to constantly going down and having to reboot the router multiple times a week. Stay far away from these camera's they either have fundamental technical issues or more likely they are a huge backdoor to hackers.

    I disconnected said camera, returned my Virgin media Super hub to factory default and changed the passwords, low and behold it has gone back to steady and reliable.

  8. Falcon Windblade
    Falcon Windblade says:

    I like everything about this cam from what i can see here. the only downside i can find so far about this thing is that it doesn't even have cloud storage option… which is probably why it ain't part of the Kasa ecosystem i guess…

  9. David Relich
    David Relich says:

    Bought one yesterday. Love this camera. As you say, it is very easy to setup and control. There is one thing that I dislike about it though – despite being a TP Link product, you cannot add it to their KASA app along with your other smart home devices. You need to download yet another app to control the camera(s) alone.


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