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The title says it all. It makes about as much sense as spending multi-millions of dollars, possibly billions, on conservation projects that are ruining employment in this nation. My God, the Creator will take care of the pollution; He will decide when there is too much heat or too much cold in any particular area. Before men and women were placed here, there were numerous climate changes that had nothing to do with industry (there was no industry); there were numerous examples of centuries that were affected by pollution from volcanic ash; astroids caused many horrific events, all without the aid of man or woman. And we are going to ruin a nation by limiting energy to CLEAN ENERGY. This is a joke. It might be a project for a merit badge or a requirement for becoming an Eagle Scout, all admirable attempts to be environmentally conscious, but the time has come to "put away childish things" and get serious about getting men and women jobs that will create energy without manuels that are 3000 pages thick with details about limitations about keeping the air clean. The earth has been here billions of years, men and women might live to be one hundred, but the average lifespan is somewhere in the early 70s for Americans. Now comes the CLEAN AIR COPS TO TAKE AWAY THE JOBS AND CLEAR THE AIR. IN THE MEANTIME, another volcano explodes and clouds the air for the next fifteen years. Hopefully, this won’t happen; hopefully, an astroid will not land in some foreign capital and reek atmospheric ruin. All things are possible…

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