The SQ19 Mini DV Night Vision Motion Detection Spy Video Camera Instructions Review And Unboxing

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  1. dessie b
    dessie b says:

    could this be used as a rear car dashcam, powered by USB and starts recording as soon as the ignition starts? with the loop record

  2. David Farmer
    David Farmer says:

    I ahve a couple of sq 11s and I just now how to elave it in 1080 motion detection mode.
    Really too many functions on too few buttons but once you know the proc to suit you …..youre ok I suppsoe.

  3. J English
    J English says:

    TO TURN ON/OFF – press and hold the power button till the blue lights turns on, blue lights means stand-by mode (blue color light).

    MOTION DETECTION – hold the M button for 3 seconds until a little red light blinks and then disappears, motion detection video length is 10 minutes and 12 seconds per segment. To end motion detection is to tap M once.

    TAKING A PICTURE – press M once for picture mode then tap power button to take a picture, to end it, tap M once and goes back to stand-by mode.

    TAKING A VIDEO – from stand-by mode, tap power button and right away it takes a video, to end it, tap power button again, goes back to stand-by mode.

    MOTION DETECTION WHILE CHARGING – while charging the device, press and hold for 3 seconds the M button until red light blinks, motion detection is now active. Still 10 minutes and 12 seconds long per segment. to end it, tap M once.

    NOTE: – you can only use the motion detection feature if you are connecting it to the cellphone charger.
    – no motion detection when connected to a computer, charging only.
    -this guide works for most spy cams. other models might be slightly different.

  4. Winston Lee
    Winston Lee says:

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