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  1. Dante Scomo
    Dante Scomo says:

    Lionel Richie man born in Alabama you're like a you're like a old soul who keeps getting better and better with age never lose that brother God bless you blessed be 🤗👍🙏

  2. pamela benton
    pamela benton says:

    I record music, sing. and what I hear today doesn't even come close to these great artist! They really have talent.

  3. Jorge A. Echeandia Canales
    Jorge A. Echeandia Canales says:

    Even in english and spanish music.turnd so vulgar, why?… Good to know we can still go back in time and search in internet for jewells like this one to go back in time when songs were way better than today's "music?"

  4. richard leonardo
    richard leonardo says:

    Beautiful song taking it easy really this pandemic brings back memories of yesteryear high school and college life easy easy


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