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  1. walrus ahoy
    walrus ahoy says:

    Amazon Prime day(s) I’m all over this and the door bell. Thanks for showing the footage looked good enough to me for a security system and the price is unbeatable for a wireless system. I don’t work for Ring and am a bit of a Nest fanboy but can justify the crazy prices.

  2. M Johnson
    M Johnson says:

    I have 3 cameras. One keeps going offline with a fully charged battery. I am waiting for a replacement camera. I did trouble shooting and the camera still does not connect. I am so disappointed.

  3. Justin Cantrell
    Justin Cantrell says:

    Th ring stick up cam is OK… it misses a lot. The limited motion recording time will only catch so much then shuts off and some things it just misses. Sound quality is so so.. picture quality is decent… its basically N inexpensive cam thats better than having nothing.

  4. Mr. Max
    Mr. Max says:

    Audio quality is not good. Just pretty bad.🤣🤣🤣
    I use a proper 4K CCTV system. Well. I use 3 brand one is ANNKE 8CH. I don't recommend ANNKE CCTV SYSTEM.


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