The Backdrop To Funningur

The Backdrop To Funningur
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Image by Baron Reznik
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Slættaratindur, the tallest mountain in the Faroe Islands at 880m (2,887 ft) makes an impressive backdrop for the small village of Funningur. It seems to rise dramatically out of the ocean with just a small buffer cradling the village. To me, it’s what makes the Faroe Islands so beautiful. Out in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean you get these mountains just seemingly rising out of nowhere, and there’s a slew of them.

If you wanted, you could climb Slættaratindur in about 4 hours. Of course, you’ll still have to get back down. It is apparently not the most technical climb, but dedicating a rather large chunk of a day to climbing one mountain meant it wasn’t in the itinerary. There is a tradition in the Faroes for people to climb the mountain on June 21st, the longest day of the year. That way, you can experience the sunset followed by the sunrise just a few hours later, with dancing and singing used to fill the void between.

Bonus fun trivia, the Visit Faroe Islands tourist bureau publishes a hiking guide on the islands. The section on Slættaratindur mentions, "Since it can be difficult to pinpoint where you came up on top, it can be a good idea to put a backpack, a colourful scarf or sweater by the “stairs” so you can find the spot to descent again." Keep that in mind should you decide to climb the tallest mountain in the Faroes.


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