Tangerine Dream | Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival 2018

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  1. Mark Fortin
    Mark Fortin says:

    In the beginning, there were the vinyl albums, which I collected all I could find (and still have them), then there were cassettes, then there were C.D.'s, which I now have all of (I think??) Till about 10 years ago, when new releases dried up here in the U.S……
    Thank God they still exist,
    and I can hear new T.D.!!
    The best music on the planet,
    anytime, any mood, any where…T.D. RULES!

  2. Bryan Wiens
    Bryan Wiens says:

    Guitar solo at around 57 to 58 minutes – could almost be Edgar Froese playing. I wonder why they don't let the violinist do this solo? Regardless, sounds great.

  3. michael garbett
    michael garbett says:

    Im not sure i really like the line up it was i think better when thy had Bernhard on guitar and Iris on drums still love Koyiko and Thorsten but this other guy looks like he is mixing music in his own recording studio .Never faces the audience and doesnt interact with the others .The music is still outstanding with the Violin but it was nice to hear a Guitar master like Bernhard and the drums of Iris unfortunatly it is all drum machines but still great .

  4. remaks69
    remaks69 says:

    I woke up one day, mumbling with the tune of a song. I searched for a whole 2 days and I found out that I heard that piece of music at a session for Ellen Allien, boiler room session. I was mesmerized with the tune. Too euphoric, ecstatic, just too good. It’s felt like holding that tune so close to heart. I looked for it everywhere. For almost 1 year, searched for it all the Shazam libraries, all playlist, asked and asked. No answer.

    One day I logged into my SoundCloud account and a little notification, checked and there it is ‘Tangerine Dream – Horizon (jive)

    This is not a piece of music, it is an introduction to a whole era of electronic music.

  5. J Russell
    J Russell says:

    Have been somewhat disappointed in some of the newer material. This brings back fonder memories. With that said, bring back the hot babe musicians.


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