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Aides to New York Gov. Cuomo hid Covid-19 nursing home deaths from public – media reports — RT USA News

Aides to New York Gov. Cuomo hid Covid-19 nursing home deaths from public – media reports — RT USA News

Advisers to Andrew Cuomo reportedly ordered health officials to withhold data about nursing home deaths linked to Covid-19. The revelation comes as the scandal-plagued New York governor resists calls for his resignation.

The New York State Health Department made drastic changes to a July report which examined how the virus spread through the state’s nursing homes, after an intervention from the governor’s aides, according to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. 

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New York Democrats reach ‘informal agreement’ on limiting Gov. Cuomo’s emergency powers in wake of nursing home scandal – reports

Citing documents and officials familiar with the matter, the outlets claim that the preliminary report found that more than 9,000 nursing home residents had succumbed to the disease. At the urging of Cuomo’s aides, the data was amended to exclude residents who were hospitalized before their death, reducing the figure to 6,432, the Wall Street Journal reported. 

One of the charts included in the draft report put the death toll approximately 50 percent higher than the figure being shared to the public by the Cuomo administration, the Times said. 

The governor’s office responded to media inquiries about the omission by claiming that the data was revised because the Department of Health could not confirm that out-of-facility data had been “adequately verified.”

The department’s review into care home deaths was launched following an outcry over Cuomo’s March 25 directive, which prohibited nursing homes from refusing people who tested positive for coronavirus. The policy was billed as a way to free up space in hospitals, but critics say it accelerated the spread of the virus among those who were most vulnerable. 

The complete data concerning the deaths was reportedly kept from the public for eight months. Cuomo insisted last month that fatalities at nursing homes have always been “fully, publicly and accurately reported.”

Cuomo has been repeatedly accused of not being upfront about his nursing home directive, which was later rescinded. In mid-February, a senior aide to the governor reportedly claimed that the administration concealed the number of Covid-19 related deaths at nursing homes in an attempt to thwart political attacks by then-president Donald Trump. 

The latest details about the purported coverup come as Cuomo battles a string of sexual harassment allegations. The governor said that he regretted that he acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable after three women came forward with allegations. However, Cuomo has dismissed calls for his resignation. 

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New York Gov. Cuomo refuses to resign despite harassment scandals, claims he ‘never touched anyone inappropriately’

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York police hunt for wanted woman Rachel Nelson

York police hunt for wanted woman Rachel Nelson

POLICE in Yokr are hunting a wanted woman.

North Yorkshire Police say Rachel Nelson has been recalled to prison for failing to comply with her licence condition.

Nelson, 40, was jailed for 3 years and 10 months in April 2018 for attempted wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm but released in August last year on license.

She has now been recalled to prison for failing to comply with her licence conditions.

Despite repeated attempts by officers to locate Nelson, she remains outstanding and police are now asking for the public’s help as part of their enquiries.

Officers believe she could be in the York area, but she also has links with Leeds.

If you have seen her or have any info about where she is please call North Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting reference number 12210067344

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New York coronavirus variant identified in Southern California, Gov. Newsom says – Press Enterprise

New York coronavirus variant identified in Southern California, Gov. Newsom says – Press Enterprise

Two different coronavirus variants have been confirmed in Southern California, including a particularly contagious strain from Brazil, officials announced Wednesday, March 3.

Gov. Gavin Newsom, during a visit to Cal State Long Beach, said the state’s first confirmed case of the New York variant was found in Southern California, though he did not specify where in the region. And Barbara Ferrer, the director of public health for Los Angeles County, said during a Wednesday afternoon briefing that officials identified one case of the Brazilian variant in the county last week.

While not much is yet known about the New York variant, the Brazilian one has been found to be particularly contagious.

Newsom confirmed the New York variant case while urging folks to remain vigilant in the fight against the coronavirus, even as various metrics — such as new cases, hospitalizations and deaths — trend downward and vaccinations increase. That good news could lead to more business openings in the coming weeks. LA County, for example, has nearly met the threshold to move from the most-restrictive purple tier to the second most-restrictive red tier.

But people should continue wearing masks and following other public health advice, Newsom said.

“Even if you have both of your vaccines we have to stay vigilant,” Newsom said. “The virus does not take spring break off.”

And Ferrer, for her part, said that the county only sequences a small sample of the virus — which allows officials to identify variants — so it’s likely the Brazilian variant could be circulating more broadly.

Roughly 400 sequences have been sampled in LA County since Jan. 1. Among them, 27 cases of the UK variant were discovered, no cases of the South African variant and 239 cases of the California variant.

LA county has seen a near doubling of confirmed cases of the UK variant since last week, Ferrer said.

“That just means it’s circulating in larger numbers,” Ferrer said. “That variant, like the Brazil variant, are of concern because there is some evidence to believe they are more infectious. The truth of the matter is they may be more infectious, but the steps we take to protect ourselves are the same.”

There are fears among health officials, including those at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that these variants could prove more resistant to vaccines and testing, and, because of increased transmissibility, undermine efforts to get the pandemic under control.

There was, however, still some positive signs on Wednesday.

Around 9.45 million doses of the vaccine have been administered across the state, Newsom said.

And with various coronavirus metrics declining, a dozen or counties could move out the purple as soon as next week, Newsom said.

The move to the red tier would allow for some indoor operations, including at restaurants and gyms, to resume.

There’s also a change, Newsom said, that baseball fans could watch games in-person this year, after being absent throughout the truncated 2020 season — during which the Los Angeles Dodgers won their first World Series in 32 years, albeit at a neutral site in Texas.

Newsom said he is in “advanced talks” with Major League Baseball to allow fans to attend baseball games.

“We will socialize those conversations very, very shortly, we’re working on the final details,” Newsom said during a visit to Long Beach. “We’ve been working very closely with Major League Baseball, others across the spectrum, working with local health officers, and we’ll be updating those guidelines as well.”

Staff writer David Rosenfeld and City News Service contributed to this report. 

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A New York somministrate oltre 2 milioni di dosi di vaccino – Mondo

A New York somministrate oltre 2 milioni di dosi di vaccino – Mondo

 Sono oltre due milioni le dosi di vaccini contro il Covid somministrati nella città di New York.
    Lo annuncia il sindaco Bill de Blasio. La soglia è stata raggiunta a un anno dal primo caso di virus nella Grande Mela.
    “Supereremo” il virus “una volta per tutte”, dice de Blasio.