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Ex-head of Migri warns Finnish government against relaxing residency requirements

Ex-head of Migri warns Finnish government against relaxing residency requirements

JORMA VUORIO, a former head of immigration affairs at the Ministry of the Interior and director general of the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), has criticised the residence policy of the government of Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP), reports Iltalehti.

Vuorio on Wednesday questioned some of the recommendations set forth in a report published a day earlier by the Ministry of the Interior.

The authors of the report recommend, for example, that the government “explore the possibilities to enable undocumented resident to obtain a residence permit on grounds other than international protection”.

“So, even if [the Supreme Administrative Court] KHO has ruled that there is no need for international protection, some sort of permit should be granted? This would undermine the entire asylum process,” tweeted Vuorio.

The report also recommended that the government take action to secure the equal right to family reunification of all people granted international protection, safeguard the interests of children in the family reunification process, pay more attention to the vulnerability of permit applicants and examine the need to overhaul the aliens act.

The objective of the research project was to determine how revisions to the act and its interpretation have affected the position of people seeking international protection. The amendments examined were either approved or implemented during the tenure of the government of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre), in 2015–2019.

One of the main conclusions of the study is that the amendments introduced to improve the efficiency of the asylum process have also undermined the position of applicants.

Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo (Greens) on Tuesday said the study provides the government with invaluable information for decision-making. The Ministry of the Interior, she added, will weigh up the recommendations closely and utilise them as a basis for deciding on actions.

“I view the issues highlighted in the study mostly as issues linked to the rule of law: we’re talking about realising the rights of people in the most vulnerable position, such as the right to life, family life and legal protection. We must take care of these,” she commented.

“The recommendations also support an effort that is already underway. It is now crucial to finish this effort and ensure the basic rights of people are secured.”

Vuorio reminded yesterday that the government programme also underlines that the government should engage in continuing Nordic co-operation on asylum policy to promote the establishment of common practices and interpretations.

“By implementing the recommendations, we would drift even further from these practices and interpretations,” he warned.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

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Coronavirus live news: WHO cautions against relaxing restrictions; Australian state of Victoria begins lockdown | World news

Police chief Shaun Ferguson held a news conference with state police and the New Orleans sheriff to drive home the point, saying a bar closure order that took effect Friday would be enforced through Fat Tuesday, the end of the annual pre-Lenten festivities.

All parades in the city have been cancelled.

Mardi Gras celebrations last year are now believed to have contributed to an early surge of infections in Louisiana.

The city said Bourbon Street would be closed to cars and pedestrians from 7pm to 3am each day, with access limited to residents, business employees, hotel guests and restaurant patrons. On Mardi Gras itself, the closure will begin at 7am, Ferguson said.

Restaurant capacity will be limited as it has been throughout the pandemic. And bars, including those that have temporary food permits enabling them to operate as restaurants, will be closed – not just in the French Quarter but throughout the city – until Ash Wednesday.

Other popular entertainment areas, including Decatur Street in the French Quarter and Frenchmen Street in the nearby Marigny neighbourhood were to be shut down during what are normally peak hours. And a popular corridor outside the French Quarter that is a gathering spot for locals was being put off limits with fencing.

Ferguson said police would be on the lookout throughout the city for violators of the bar shutdown.

“If you think you’re going to be that bad actor and get away with that, I would ask that you think otherwise,” Ferguson said.

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Mike Drew: Relaxing day on the road

Mike Drew: Relaxing day on the road

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Except there weren’t.

Well, yeah, I did see a bald eagle flying along but on the water, nothing. No mallards — there always seems to be mallards around — not even any diving ducks like goldeneyes. Surprising but unimportant. The day was nice and the drive relaxing. So I just kept going.

Down by Little Bow I found big bunches of mule deer. Like the horses, they were just lazing around, soaking up the sun. Unlike the horses, though, they weren’t impressed with the amount of time I kept my camera aimed at them. One by one they got up and started making their way across the fields.

Worked out well for me, though. I kinda liked the picture I got with the ice of the lake in the background and the Porcupine Hills rising 80 km to the west behind them.

Mule deer near Little Bow Resort west of Lomond, Ab., on Tuesday, January 5, 2021. Mike Drew/Postmedia
Mule deer near Little Bow Resort west of Lomond, Ab., on Tuesday, January 5, 2021. Photo by Mike Drew /Postmedia

I cracked a window as I drove now, the sun blasting through the FJ’s glass making the truck a bit warmer than necessary given the winter clothes I was wearing. But it was pleasant to drive that way, the hum of the tires and the tick of the gravel a little louder with the window open and complementing the music on the radio.

I was close to Travers Dam, now, a place I’d often found open water in the winter before, so I turned toward there.

Ducks splash around on the open water of the Little Bow River below Travers Dam near Lomond, Ab., on Tuesday, January 5, 2021. Mike Drew/Postmedia
Ducks splash around on the open water of the Little Bow River below Travers Dam near Lomond, Ab., on Tuesday, January 5, 2021. Photo by Mike Drew /Postmedia

I’d noticed that the snow cover was getting ever thinner as I headed south and east. Up by Milo, the ground was pretty much covered with only a few bare patches where the snow had been blown away. But down by the lake, it had thinned out considerably and bare grass was more the rule by the time I got to Little Bow.

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