Untitled, Providence, Rhode Island, 1976

Untitled, Providence, Rhode Island, 1976
Image by Seulji
Original photo by Francesca Woodman:

I’m really putting myself out there with this one.

Let me start by saying I’m very dissatisfied with how this turned out. I kinda hate it.

However, I am a firm believer of even showing your mistakes. The quality is not up to par and it bothers me, but I hope to improve that in the coming attempts.

My aim over the next few weeks is to recreate a few of Francesca Woodman’s photographs. She has always been a huge inspiration and I want to see if I can replicate them.

The picture has been made entirely in SL, the background textures taken from the photo directly.

It was not an easy process and I’m not happy with how it turned out, but it is the start of a fun project I feel.

The Firestorm tile artifact bug isn’t helping either and made this picture a lot more wonky than intended. I couldn’t get a windlight going without it tearing up my snapshot in 4 different shadows.

To end on a positive note, go look at Jane’s store. For some reason she always manages to have the pose I’m looking for. It’s magic. Or space magic.

Kind regards and stay safe,