Yankees’ receive amazing Aaron Judge news prior to Wednesday’s game

Yankees’ receive amazing Aaron Judge news prior to Wednesday’s game

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While New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone projected that he would gain his star sluggers back over the weekend, they manage to return a few days early to the active roster. On Tuesday, the Yankees featured both Gio Urshela and Giancarlo Stanton, and on Wednesday, they reinstated Aaron Judge from the injured list.

After a 20-6 whopping of the Toronto Blue Jays in the Bronx, the Yankees felt the need to bring in more offensive firepower. Judge, who has been nursing a calf strain the past few weeks, was dominating the MLB before his injury.

Prior to going down, he was hitting .292 with a 1.081 on-base plus slugging and nine homers. While he has only played 18 games, less than half of the 2020 campaign, he immediately gives the Yankees a higher probability of making a playoff run.

The Yankees are currently on a six-game winning streak, coming off a five-game losing streak earlier last week. The recent spark in productivity came just after hitting .500 in the win-loss column.

An exciting turn of events, fellow slugger Luke Voit stated that the Bronx Bombers are back and teams are fearing them once again. Their intimidation factor is something to be considered, as they simply didn’t have the gusto with their top players out. Now, they are only missing Gleyber Torres at shortstop, who, according to Boone, would be playing if it was a playoff contest.

Giving Torres the extra time off is essential, as the Yankees continue to perform and look solid. Hopefully, they can continue their stretch of victories and climb to the top five seeded teams in the American League. The Yankees will walk out Gerrit Cole on Wednesday evening to extend theIr streak, and he’s currently hosting a 3.20 ERA over 59 innings pitched. In his most recent start against the Orioles, he lasted 7.0 innings and allow just two hits and zero runs, tallying nine strikeouts.

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