Mirror’s Edge Catalyst / Blinded

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst / Blinded
Image by Stefans02
Screenshot of the beauty of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Tools used: Hattiwatt1’s CT Tools, Lightroom color correction custom preset.

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Marble Gallery #08 Hall of Mirrors

Marble Gallery #08 Hall of Mirrors
Shows & Cultural Attractions
Image by Broken Window Theory
In a town somewhere in Hungary with historical and cultural value we discovered one of the most beautiful ballrooms of the whole country. As one of the few cinemas in the region, this used to be the center of attraction for art lovers and the youth. The last screening, however, was already ten years ago and since then the stately theater has been rotting away at a rapid pace. Lately, it has become an insider’s tip of the local urbex community. We were one of the first international photographers when we explored this place. It’s hard to believe that such an architecturally impressive structure lies forgotten within the city center. As the last visitors of the theater we’re trying to bring history to life and show you the beauty of decay.

Here you can find our documentary about this unique structure: