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  1. Dave Schramm
    Dave Schramm says:

    Good afternoon Ray.hoping all is going well? What's the long term verdict of this backup camera?
    Looking to get something for our TT.

  2. James Christie
    James Christie says:

    That is obviously much better signal quality than the unit I bought. My screen was constantly lagging behind and/or blanking out. It only took a couple of hours to hard wire my truck and Cougar 31SQB from end to end with coax cable…and it was really worth it. No lag or distortion now. And my mounting bracket for the monitor was crap as well. I ended up welding up a bracket that fits my dash perfect. Your videos are a great reference…and remind me of some of the idiot mistakes I have made in 15 years of RVing. Keep up the great work, eh!

  3. frank willingham
    frank willingham says:

    Thanks for the reply. You have the same problem I have and that is moving one chair. We have two in the rear. Enjoy your videos keep them coming.

  4. Mike Watson
    Mike Watson says:

    Hi Ray, nice demo of the unit. Can the picture on the monitor be inverted so it looks like looking through a rear view mirror?

  5. Triple R RV
    Triple R RV says:

    Thank you for reviewing this. I'm in the market for a back up camera for my RV before I head out full time this summer.

  6. McKay Sleight
    McKay Sleight says:

    I am currently getting ready to purchase a new truck. Ford wants $750 or something like that to have a back up camera that shuts off at 10mph. Not sure why they do not have it for watching what is going on in back of the rig while traveling. The 38' motorhome that I used previously had it on full time so why not the truck? Go figure. That feature will probably be available on the 2018.

  7. WindersRanger
    WindersRanger says:

    Do you know if the tech support is in the US or some place like India? I bought some Foscam cameras a while back and their tech support is in India and is absolutely terrible.

  8. Richard M
    Richard M says:

    Thank you for the review. I had heard (on the Internet) that some of the backup cameras weren't meant for use as a backup camera as the sensor would overheat. Nice to put that one to rest at least for this model.

  9. Start The Rebellion
    Start The Rebellion says:

    I noticed that the video is also distorted in it's dimensions. It makes things look wide / fat and short. Notice in your side by side with the Airstream trailer. The real one on the left is taller and not so wide, but in the video of the backup cam it's short & fat.

  10. IMaNO Leonardo
    IMaNO Leonardo says:

    I checked it out online, seems like a nice system, my problem is in a truck having that, a TPS system, navigation screen and diesel tuner, there is not much windshield space to see where your driving.

  11. Billyt
    Billyt says:

    i have a inexpensive (cheap) back up system…the in truck screen inserts to the cirgarette lighter and the camera is magnetic attached to the tailgate (trailer pull) works on battery

    Rear View Safety RVS-83112 Video Camera with 3.5-Inch LCD (Black)
    by Rear View Safety…seems to do the job o.k.

    i had it shipped to point roberts, wa (near my rv trailer) quite a bit cheaper that way

    by the way could you give me some info on your truck???…i bought a 20' trailer (a lot more comfy than my 14') and my dakota 5.2 would be pushed to try and pull it…i need something bigger and can't afford a newer one (poor pensioner)

    your truck seems ideal to me, not too old and looks solid

    thanks ray

  12. Troy Foxxin
    Troy Foxxin says:

    The saturation is mainly the colour intensity. but on many monitors the options hit or miss on usefulness. i find in most monitors its favours reds too much when you try to get more colour turning it up or just remains dull. so monitors with a separate R-G-B saturation is always the better then ones with just a single general one. but if those dont seem like enough then the manufacturer cheaped out on the LCD display.

    non the less its a cool gadget to have. more so when you have a large blind spot.


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