T̲e̲mple o̲f the D̲og – T̲e̲mple o̲f the D̲og (Full Album)

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  1. Gus MF
    Gus MF says:

    I am listening this music and it remembers me to that teenager who wanted to learn drums playing or guitar and have the long hair as a rocker start. Now 40 years old, I really enjoy listening all this music, those nice moments while I am at home while the C-19 keep us at home.

  2. Ben Côté
    Ben Côté says:

    How can I not forget Chris Cornell's death, three days before my dear mother left us. The image of Chris greeting my mom at the gates of heaven is a strong thought that has helped me accept her passing. Je savais que ma maman ne serait pas seule là haut en compagnie de mon frère qui n'a jamais connu Soundgarden. Il était certainement aux côtés de Chris lorsque notre mère est arrivée au Temple de l'Éternité. RIP

  3. Chris Sturgeon
    Chris Sturgeon says:

    From the ashes of Mother Love Bone, rose the torch bearers: Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc etc etc… what a moment in music.


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