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  1. artphlo
    artphlo says:

    sony xz3 is amaizing phone and unique. unfortunately my xz3 sony had a problem, maybe was a defective unit.. when i use the camera it was very very hot on back in the camera area, and when i want to use the AR function it was sooo slowly and blocked. i hope it was only my phone problem. i changed the phone with a p20pro but i want a sony xz3 again. i found now a red version but i don. t have the courage to buy… :((((

  2. Sheikh
    Sheikh says:

    Xperia have best front camera image processing Coz unlike iPhone and Samsung, they don't flip your facial images to make ur face look less good looking than it actually looks in real life.

  3. riley busse
    riley busse says:

    this phone and Apple phones have way better cameras and any other phones on the market the best two phones iPhone XS max and experia xz3

  4. DADO
    DADO says:

    Its false statment,Lg have 4k video camera with hdr and 60 fps,so sony is not only one, and sony cant shoot 60fps in 4k which is the big deal.Lg was always the king of multimedia content.


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