Sony DSC-HX400V Review | John Sison


  1. Jitske Trijntje

    Zoom with distance-cable/other possible?

  2. Gary Battell

    A really useful review. I have just bought one 29/08/20 I hope Sony realize many people love Bridge Cameras esp with a good zoom and GPS for travel and work.

  3. Latte Art Tabuk KSA

    This camera best for making YouTube videos or which camera is best for beginner?

  4. Anu Dhembla

    Hey can you tell me what exactly is the difference between a Dslr and a bridge camera

  5. Anu Dhembla

    Im getting this for my birthday. Im so excited!!

  6. Franz Elias

    Thank you for the review! Great to see a video made by someone who knows what he's talking about and who knows how to say it πŸ™‚

  7. santosh pareek

    Exciting moments to watch the performence of sony,s marwal HX400V. Iam dreaming to have one in my collection, Iam crazy of Zeiss sonnar lens performence,fantastic……camera.

  8. Cedrick tv daily

    Is this camera better than an s9plus cam

  9. Paolo Cane

    I bought this camera 2 weeks ago, and is the worst camera I ever see in my life!πŸ˜‚
    Low noise in pics???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    The quality is better in my phone!
    I even reset the camera as Sony said to me, following his instructions, but still the same! Jpg quality compression, have problem, if you zoom in the pics after taking, you will understand.
    Good luck to who ever buy this !πŸ˜…

  10. manolo gonzalez romero

    BotΓ³n de grabar vΓ­deo …mega incomodo, poco eficiente

  11. Minncy Sektak Tbgz

    Will it be able to remove the lens?

  12. Michelle Frost

    Can you plug in an external microphone?

  13. Kapil Soni

    One of the best review of Sony DSC-HX400V, thank you :- very much…now i'll buy this

  14. Sony E.62.10

    Hi, thank you for the review, I also bought a DSC-HX400V 3 years ago and it has been very pleasant to use, but I would also like to warn the other users : it is now widely known that the vast majority of these devices fail after 2 years of use, then they display the fatal error "E:62:10" and all pictures become fuzzy. You'd better know before buying…There is even a complete website that speaks about this, If I had known I would never have bought this camera… :'-(

  15. Obhagar Bachcha

    hi. very nice video. thanks a lot!!

    however, can you tell me what to do if it gets fungus on the lens?
    how to protect camera from fungus infection?

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