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  1. Cjon wickham
    Cjon wickham says:

    I disappointed…canon r5 r6 and sony a7s3 overrated overhyped overpriced and still crippled the r6 $2500 overheats and others up to $4k for body.
    About change this YouTube video…I dont listen to apple users since forced to use macs since college..brainwashed to apple cult. I would use macs at last resort if desperate…now I watch another video. Dont buy these overhyped 4k cameras it's still hd….bye bye.

  2. Marco Di Mario
    Marco Di Mario says:

    This as7III is absolutely amazing!
    I wait the day when someone will shrink a "thing like the a7sIII" into a form factor of a smartphone 🙂 That day will be the day we'll get the PERFECT camera smartphone! Forever.

  3. DethronerX
    DethronerX says:

    Looking for affordable full frame with c log with peaking, specifically to be used for 24fps, 1080p is fine, to make short films, so not looking for higher frame rates or resolution.

  4. ratt57
    ratt57 says:

    Thanks for this, this is one of the best camera reviews I've seen on YouTube. I was sold on this until the end, when you mentioned footage had to be proxied in Premiere, which has always been a pain for me. It would be great if Sony could come up with a better codec.

    One question that wasn't covered is how long is battery life and how long is recharge time? You mentioned the camera's capability to shoot 2 hours worth of footage, but were you referring to the battery or how much video you could put on an SD card? Does it have an external battery, and, if so, what type? Also, do you know what the actual 4K resolution of this camera is?

    KAREKIN FPV says:

    Great video man, idk I just graded some R5 footage today for a test and it looks to KILL this honestly. I don't have a pony in the race though as I'm sticking with my BMPCC6K's. There is nothing that can touch the usability for the price and functionality. I can mount it to a ronin mount mount a v-mount clip, and a ssd clip, and boom.. litterally shoot ALL day with a single 95wh v-mount and 1tb ssd.


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