Sergio Mendes – Never Gonna Let You Go [w/ lyrics]

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  1. Normie Dayrit
    Normie Dayrit says:

    I thought u wont gonna let me go??? It was a thought lang pala uhuhu…but still i love u thanks for the memories…u made me stronger by breaking my 💔

  2. James Reid
    James Reid says:

    The time I heard this song, it's amazing so pleasing to your ears, great lyrics, great for both couples.. Its shows emotion, feeling for two people in love…. Thanks for sharing this beautiful songs……

  3. Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee says:

    I regretted, should have never let you go meine Liebe, mein Wiener dunkler Engel, mein "erkennen", ich liebe und vermisse dich meine Oide, Umarmung und Küsse! ..😘


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