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  1. Dio
    Dio says:

    Как никогда ранее, тогда, сейчас, и в будущем – эта песня всё ещё будет актуальна,потому что люди, не учатся на ошибках

  2. Bihan Thaci
    Bihan Thaci says:

    This song remember my dad I have a great childhood with him When hi came from work listening this in tv. What a time rest in peace my dad your son always gone love you You are in my heart forever

  3. Jose Cruz Tun Caamal
    Jose Cruz Tun Caamal says:

    Por que no podemos vivir así sin pedos y si desmadre así como dice esta rola que para mi es un imno para la paz

  4. mondea 666
    mondea 666 says:

    This song reminds me that the audanace is just above religion and A WHORE Akrine Will be hus lil bitch in hell this song reminds me f HAPPY times how many lines have been crossed listen to the lyrics they tell a story …………. All men are nit alone with the ones who care

  5. Yoou nus
    Yoou nus says:

    How would you feel to listen a masterpiece song from legendary German (band/Scorpions) on German legendary brand Senheiser head Set PXC 550, you would feel peace,relaxed and and you see the wind of change right in front of your eyes…then next listen to Humanity by Scorpions ..it really visualise how unique their lyrics are. Those who dislike this songs needs to rethink and look in to the world in different perspective


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