Samsung Z Flip Camera Vs. iPhone 11 Pro!

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  1. Pen Wednesday
    Pen Wednesday says:

    I’ve been using iphone since iphone 5 but I have been thoroughly disappointed by airpods being pretty trash and then upgrading to pro only to find out that they’re pretty much the same with three more features and then finding out about sony and samsung’s tws. My only issue was I was still using an iphone so i wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to get the buds+. And then I saw this and now idk if i should just switch to android completely. I’ve been using iphones for such a long time and i have so many subscriptions on app store so IDK WHAT TO DO

    TITANIUM. says:

    im thinking y r u comparing a high end REGULAR phone to a phone that literally folds and is as thin as paper……. the iphone 11 has a little bit of an advantage dont ya think?

  3. EZCASH 2020
    EZCASH 2020 says:

    Thank you for this video that I gain something to learn. I have liked the video, subscribed to your channel and also click the bell icon for your next video. Hope I get those too. Do stay safe and take care!


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