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  1. TechwithUsama
    TechwithUsama says:

    For all those confused, Galaxy A71 has SAMSUNG GW1 Sensor at the back i.e. the 64MP camera, same as the Redmi Note 8 Pro.
    The front camera of the A71 is the Sony IMX 616 32MP sensor, the same as the Galaxy A51.

    If you have any questions, ask in this comment below.

  2. monica
    monica says:

    What I dont like about my A71 is that I cant switch cameras when I take videos like the double tap to switch rear or front camera

  3. melissa verdon
    melissa verdon says:

    god the camera on my phone is GOD AWFUL.
    Extremely pixelated. Overgrainy. Over contrasted and overall a solid 4.5 out of 10. Even after changing settings it's terrible! Most pictures look like they have been painted with watercolor if you zoom in even in the slightest. The video is even worse! Nit to mention the video is GOD AWFUL. video anything that's fast motion and you have a trail effect and echoing effect. What ever your video recording there becomes double of what ever tour recording. My samsung a8 2018 model had a better camera than this one! Would NEVER recommend

  4. Nandii Mhlongo
    Nandii Mhlongo says:

    this phone camera is foggy on whatsapp and it giggles when i talk, like the image vibrates when im talking on video

  5. iLoveRoaming. Com
    iLoveRoaming. Com says:

    Hi, unable to find 'switch camera while recording' option, I find everything but not get it, though is it clearly mentioned on Samsung site itself that this phone have this feature, help me

  6. Nabeel Hussain
    Nabeel Hussain says:

    Worst experience of buying A71. The selfie camera in dark gives very disappointing result. 64 MP main camera is like 10 MP camera. iPhone 7 camera is hell better than this. Wasted my money

    I will never buy any Samsung product in future

  7. Subhasis Basu
    Subhasis Basu says:

    Nice Comparison & genuine feedback. Camera review is extra ordinary & full of technical thoughts. I am looking for a Low Light Camera or Night mode Camera within 25K. Please suggest me.


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