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What has helped my anxiety A LOT lately… + our day!

What has helped my anxiety A LOT lately… + our day!

Ten miles with friends @ 8:24 average.

It’s incredible how fast those miles can go by when you have an awesome group of humans to do them with (and when it is ten degrees cooler than it usually is ;).

Brooke has been shocked over how much more mobile Beck has become over the few days she was gone.

IMG 9026

Back to school shopping has begun.  They want everything matching so that is getting a bit tricky.

IMG 9037

I was very excited because I found Mindy while we were there.  I have followed and loved her for years and had never met her in real life even though we live pretty close.

IMG 9035

My sister-in-law made the most delicious looking French Dip sandwiches the other day so I got the recipe from her and made it for our dinner last night.

IMG 9024

1.5 lbs deli-sliced roast beef

2 packets of au jus

1 dry packet of beefy onion soup mix

6 cups water

Put it all in the crockpot for 6 hours!

Add some cheese to the rolls/hoagies, broil them in the oven for 2 minutes, and dip them into the au jus.

IMG 9042 2

PS the above rolls were a last second run to the grocery store because who knows how I messed up the first round of rolls.

IMG 9040

And a few more random things:

*While we were in the parking lot waiting for Brooke’s plane to land, Beck figured out how to turn on the windshield wipers and he was so proud of himself.

IMG 8998

*I have zero patience when it comes to painting my nails and letting them dry… not sure why I keep trying ha.

IMG 9034

*Beck hasn’t been feeling great because of his ear infection but each time we go outside he calms down and he is so much happier.  It’s amazing to me what being outside does for us no matter how old we are.

IMG 8979

*A random old picture of Skye and Knox to go with this topic…

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 8644

I wish I could remember where in the world I heard this idea but it has been helping me a lot lately.

When you start to experience worry or anxiety—> start to THINK ABOUT ALL OF THE THINGS THAT COULD GO RIGHT.

With each kid I have, the more I worry about all of the things.  I often feel anxious about different things and let my brain think about all of the things that could go wrong.  I heard this simple idea above and I can’t even believe how much it has helped me and brought a lot of joy to my life.  When I start worrying about what could go wrong, I used to just tell myself to stop thinking about it and change the subject in my brain but this is helping me even more.

For example—>  At night I worry if my kids are breathing (I don’t know why, but it is a big fear of mine when they are asleep and every morning I wonder why I was so worried the night before)… instead of continuing those thoughts I go with thoughts of all of the things that could go right—>  We are all going to have a great night of sleep, we are going to wake up and have a fun day together, we are going to eat pancakes and play outside, they are going to laugh and giggle and continue to grow and thrive.  I imagine the great things up ahead in their lives and it makes me so happy and relaxes my entire body and takes me away from feeling anxious.

Sometimes the simple things are the most helpful for me.  Just another tool in my mental health toolbox that I am using and loving:).

*Remember to seek professional help for severe levels of anxiety.  Just like a serious physical health problem we would go in to see a doctor, the same is necessary for our mental health.


How do you help your worrying or any anxiety you experience?

Who has an August birthday?  Anniversary?  Race?    


Tell me what you are making for dinner tonight!

How many days a week are you running lately?


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