Roger Daltrey interview on The Graham Norton Show. 13 Apr 2018

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  1. Luke Szweziuk
    Luke Szweziuk says:

    I met Roger Daltrey a couple of years ago in Sussex. He was really nice and we had a chat about Love, Reign o'er Me. He was also kind enough to let me take a selfie. As a massive fan of The Who it was an honour.

  2. Jeff Dawson
    Jeff Dawson says:

    Still looks great. What a voice on the classic Who records. As powerful as anything in nature (cranked full volume on good headphones)!

  3. Billy Bowden
    Billy Bowden says:

    Funny how Daltrey is on the couch with two black actors after in the 1970s he mentioned that he was worried the UK would 'turn into a black colony.'

  4. Matthew Braim
    Matthew Braim says:

    I still have a 'real' mother and father, but, since 12 years of age Roger, Pete, John and Keith are my 'Godfathers', who utterly changed my life, xxx

  5. virmico1
    virmico1 says:

    As much as I love the WHO, it's been a retread since 1977 and should have ended with John Entwistle's passing. The fact that they just plodded on to the next show after his death is one of the most disgusting career choices I have ever witnessed and one I will never forgive.


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