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  1. Chad Stickler
    Chad Stickler says:

    He must of noticed that Halloween his sales went up so he makes movies now. Power take off gears cables pulleys hydraulics flex joint scaffold tile power wind suspension dynamo generators power wind poles heat cool channel tubes cyclone intake sorter valves psi tanks compressors diamond coating fiber optics cloaking device kennetic energy readers molecular elemental vision sonar electrolysis magnetic field vision electro static magnetic shield generators electro static magnetic propulsion heat cool hover panels artificial intelligence pressure panels solar panels microwave panels mothership plans governments said we don't have the budget for that so maybe his movies

  2. diascrive
    diascrive says:

    This song is typical – better to go listen to Superbeast or Living Dead Girl – this song just sounds like a re-hash of Zombie – nothing

  3. Vulgarr the Viking
    Vulgarr the Viking says:

    First time I saw Rob live was when he was touring during the release of this album. The Demon Speeding Tour. My god, it was amazing. Lost my voice that night and had whiplash the next day from headbanging so much.

  4. Amara Lotus
    Amara Lotus says:

    i’ve always thought this song was about murdering someone and feeling the excitement and the adrenaline first, and then feeling anxious about it, i meannnn


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