Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Review

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  1. Corey B
    Corey B says:

    Were basically making it so easy for the government to monitor us lol If we don't think they can tap into this technology then were extremely stupid.

  2. hypercatjohn
    hypercatjohn says:

    I have a garage that's been broken into twice. There's no power to the garage and can't be fed any due to location. It's also well out the way of Wifi signal.

    I need something battery powered and with the ability to add an SD card that will store the data recorded (I'll be either hiding the cam or putting it into a cage of sorts). Can anyone recommend something for me as I want to catch these scumbags in the act and give it to the police.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Field Trainer
    Field Trainer says:

    Some time ago I had a flood light cam that would trigger, transmit and record video but would not do live camera. It appeared to be a weak wifi signal on my part. Would the 3rd generation Stick Up Cam have better wifi connectivity?

    2 ATVS AND OUR LIFE says:

    I'm new at this and need some advice on what system would be good for us. Can you send me your email so I can msg you? Thanks! Love your channel and vlogs

  5. Oro Flows
    Oro Flows says:

    Solid video and gave you a like but I really wish you would have spoken more about the physical installation. I think 30-45 seconds would have been perfect instead of 10 seconds. It looks like it would have trouble getting into a 45 degree downward wall mounted angle. Hopefully the ring video you mentioned will speak more about it. Also the subscription basic plan covers rings, motion, and live but what are the chances of the camera missing motion such as someone farther away throwing a egg at your house? If its aimed at a busy street is that not the same as 24 hour storage? Could you put a dancing toy next to it and basically trick your camera into recording 24 hour videos? Anyways overall solid video.

  6. rachit desai
    rachit desai says:

    Should I just buy a regular motion sensor flood light for the garage. And use a ring stick up camera and place it above my garage, as it is cheaper than the ring floodlight camera? Or do you think the ring floodlight camera is a better buy?


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