Rexing V3 Camera Detailed Review and Setup Tips – Dual Dash Cam

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  1. Kirk Oliver
    Kirk Oliver says:

    I am upgrading my older Rexing as it decided to fail. I have been very happy with the unit and was looking at the V3. After watching this video, I am convinced this will fit nicely. Unfortunately, I had already placed the order before reaching the very end of this video, so it will not be under the associate link. Thank you for a fine video!

  2. CJCGtr4U
    CJCGtr4U says:

    Just bought this and love it! However, after driving home I watched the clips it recorded and noticed it glitches a few times. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks

  3. HandyDave
    HandyDave says:

    When not recording, the time in the upper right hand corner is actually showing how many hours & minutes of recording capacity remains on your SD card. While recording, it is the length of time lapsed on the current recording as you said.

  4. Omenmyster
    Omenmyster says:

    2 questions. Can you connect to your secaine via WIFI, and can you connect live video feed to Secaine? Thanks in advance

  5. Cynthia Nooe
    Cynthia Nooe says:

    I am very pleased with this, both over all Picture is great, I like it’s support for USB, SD, and WIFI, it plays video as well as displays PIX, you have a lot of control over the clock including size and position, and I like the sleep mode. I’ve had it now for about a year.

  6. A K’S
    A K’S says:

    Can you make the video how to run the hard wire, I just bought this cam and hard wire kit as yours and I have 2017 Toyota Highlander and I have the fuses in the front under hood, and the fuse that came with hardwire kit, how and where to connect with, it would be helpful for me and others to know how you installed the hard wire kit, thanks other then that cool video ,


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