REVIEW: Wi-Fi Hidden Spy Camera Alarm Clock (FHD 1080P)

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  1. anthony guada
    anthony guada says:

    I kinda like the QR Code on the back of the unit and more when it read WIRELESS CAMERA
    NEAT HUH, shhhh no one will know

  2. Cumi Noni
    Cumi Noni says:

    I got my clock yesterday. The screen is in black and white. Is yours in black and white too? This is very lousy. It should be in colour. 🙁

  3. David Brown
    David Brown says:

    The battery is simply a rechargeable AA Battery. People who buy these kind of cameras the thieves are usually family members or more often the one rotten apple in the bunch.

  4. jeffrey's finds
    jeffrey's finds says:

    If you plan on doing reviews you should learn how to do them cuz this review sucks there is no video whatsoever so either learn how to do them or stop doing them because you're just wasting people's time

  5. corne Van Dalen
    corne Van Dalen says:

    Hi please can you help im struggeling to pick up the clock on my search browser on Hd mini cam it dont want to pick up with my phone it shows no devises??


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