PTZOptics 12X NDI PTZ Streaming / Broadcast Camera Review – Video Production Series

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  1. Don Bernhard
    Don Bernhard says:

    Is the remote WiFi or infrared or what? The bottom line question, does it need to be in the same room and pointed at the camera?

  2. Desi Ortiz Productions - Film & Video
    Desi Ortiz Productions - Film & Video says:

    I've been looking for reviews on this system for 2 hours. This is the best YouTube review on PTZOptics so far. Thank you for taking the time to "show" us footage while you're talking about the specific feature.

  3. Craig Burnett
    Craig Burnett says:

    Lon, SO thankful for this review. I've looked everywhere for a comprehensive walkthrough of these cameras (you certainly won't find it on the PTZ Optics website). The PTZ Optics people are always too busy yukking it up on their shows to really show how good the cameras can look. I must say after watching your review and the quality of the video, I'm much less hesitant to make the commitment to buy three of these cameras.

    I still can't understand why they've chosen to market these cameras in such an unprofessional way, with shows in their own studios that have mismatched colors, video levels all over the place, etc. It was refreshing to see your as-always-no-nonsense approach.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  4. Poultry Sounds Music Studio
    Poultry Sounds Music Studio says:

    Hi! Thanks for sharing!
    The image of the camera is quite good and definitely appropriate for streaming. Non-the-less, as you referred, there is a delay between sound and the image from the camera. There is definitely a lip-since problem, quite noticeable. Is this delay constant or it varies along time? Do you think it can be compensated by a delay line in the sound channel? The reason I’m asking is that I’m planning an installation with 4 to 5 of such cameras. I presume that if they are all equal the sound delay will be the same and can be corrected (the audio will be injected directly in the streaming computer/software, coming from a digital mixer…). What do you think? Thanks!

  5. cwadams1961
    cwadams1961 says:

    Thank you Lon for extensive coverage. Just to find out whether this camera to be used in Video conferencing like Polycom or Skype for Business. With the reasonable price and POE capability , it will be a great tool for Video conferences as well.

  6. Kevin Lydon
    Kevin Lydon says:

    Did you mention a vectorscope in your tricaster? what kind of tricaster has that ability? is it the Mini or do you have a better version?

  7. Doug Johnson Productions
    Doug Johnson Productions says:

    I'm still not a fan of NDI, and the camera seems to have some trouble with high contrast areas — it looks like there's quite a bit of color fringing. The pan/tilt/zoom speeds are fine for repositioning, but seem way too fast to use smoothly during a shot.

  8. Miles Roberts
    Miles Roberts says:

    although this product is still vastly outside of my budget, it is good to be aware of, I've played a bit with the NDI software package and it is now part of my tool kit. I've also pitched the video and NDI software to a friend that needed exactly what the NDI suite provided. thanks Lon for the awesome videos. Great stuff, glad i'm a subscriber 😀


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