Postman Joseph Roulin MFAB(7)

Postman Joseph Roulin MFAB(7)
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Image by rverc


Identify the Artist (XIII) returns to this photo stream in 5 days (Sunday night, February 2, 2020, 8:00 pm EST ). My intent is to take it another 50 paintings. This will be the twelfth grouping of 50 , thirteenth grouping overall (XIII) and will encompass numbers 1051-1100. Identify the Artist will continue, indefinately. Each group of 50 art objects will require 10 weeks.

Staring Next Week: Sunday February 2, 2020 at 8:00 PM East Coast USA.

Week 1 Riparian Entertainments (1051 – 1055)
02/02 – 02/07/2020
Week 2 Country Village Large House, Swimming Pool, Room for a Pony (1056 – 1060)
02/09 – 02/14/2020
Week 3 Flowers (not in a Bucket, in a Bouquet (1061 – 1065)
02/16 – 02/21/2020
Week 4 Musical Interlude (4) A Musical soiree (1066 – 1070)
02/23 – 02/28/2020
Week 5 Tea or Coffee (Royal Doulton with the hand painted Periwinkles (1071 – 1075)
03/01- 03/06/2020
Week 6 Stagger back in Admiration Candlelight Suppers (1076 -1080)
03/08/ – 03/13/2020
Week 7 Pooped in her Polyanthus (Dogs 3) (1081 – 1085)
03/15- 03/20/2020
Week 8 Executive Luggage Set with genuine leather embellishments and initials (1086 – 1090)
03/22- 03/27/2020
Week 9 Mrs. Fortescue: “The Girl Needs a Stiffener” (1091-1095)
03/29- 04/03/2020
Week 10 Our Rose (1096 – 1100)

The Top two contestants will each receive the complete DVD Collectors Edition of the BBC show “Keeping up Appearances”. The Top Ten contestants will receive an Art Post Card ( my selection).

Posting of a detail fragment of a work of art will take place sometime after 8:00 PM EST, five days a week (Sunday; Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday. There are no IDs on Friday or Saturday)
Correct answers are allotted points in the following manner:

First correct respondent receives 6 points
Second: 5 points
third: 4 points
fourth: 3 points
fifth: 2 points

Each respondent after that receives 2 point, whether the artist named is correct or not..
Incorrect responses will be awarded at least two points (there is no penalty for guessing…actually encouraged).

The opportunity to accrue points can only happen within a maximum of 24 hours. Once the full photograph of the work of Art is elevated and the artist identified, no additional scoring (for that work can occur). (In other words, regardless of pleas, points will not be awarded for a comment/ID made days after the posting) ( Also, 15 guesses does not generate 15 points…only 1 point )

A Favorite of the Identify image will also garnish 1 point if no comment is made within the first 24 hours. Points for favorites are not added to points for comments.
A summary of scores for the top five positions will be published each Sunday, at the beginning of each set of five photographs.

Caveats / Understanding:
Postings may be held up due to circumstances beyond my control.
Delays in posting may occur each evening. (sorry, no guarantee on 8:00 EST).

In addition, as most of you are aware, part of the clues for each identity is a “presence/absence” notation about whether the artist has been in a prior Identity Set. Because flickr’s new format doesn’t facilitate the reading of a long list of names in a “Set’s” overview/description, those lists are also available on request. If you send me an email address that can receive attachements, I will transmit an Windows based Excel sheet with the names of the artists and the number of their paintings/objects. ( Be sure to specify which format you would like: xlsx; xls; csv; txt – tab delimited – if you don’t specify the default is xlsx MS Office-10). ( non-windows participants should request txt).

Also, sorry for the bias the timing provides those in the Americas but no matter how I thought about it… I couldn’t come up with a plan to assist Europe and Asia.


Vincent van Gogh Dutch (worked in France), 1853-1890

Detail from: Postman Joseph Roulin, 1888

Oil on canvas

Van Gogh left Paris for Arles, a small town in southern France, in February 1888. One of the closest friends, and favorite sitters he found there was the local postman, Joseph Roulin, with whose fiery left wing politics the painter sympathized. While painting this portrait, Van Gogh wrote his bother, “I am now a work with another model, a postman in a blue uniform trimmed with gold, a big bearded face, very like Socrates…A more interesting man than many people.”

Gift of Robert Treat Paine, 2nd, 1935 35.1982

From the Placard: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

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