Polaroid Cube – Full Review with Sample Clips

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  1. Stephen Humlen-Grinstead
    Stephen Humlen-Grinstead says:

    Magnet= it's an action camera; fix the little metal plate to a Cycle/Ski helmet and bobs your uncle a camera that can film forward and backward in fact any angle you want. 😊 Good review.

  2. Sam Sen
    Sam Sen says:

    Curious as to what you may think about it in 2020… And most importantly, if its fixed rechargeable battery is still any good?

  3. Link The Fox
    Link The Fox says:

    it would be a nice dash cam small enough so scammers don't notice it and you can win a lawsuit against them if they break check you and 1080p so you can get their licence plate if they notice it last second and drive off

  4. fordfan05
    fordfan05 says:

    I used to have a Polaroid cube a few years ago but I lost it, It was an amazing camera and I really liked it. I really liked the Magnet on the bottom.

  5. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    OK, this thing is old now (2020), but also down to $26 shipped, and appears to have better image quality than some of the cheap chinese action cams on Amazon depending on your use, besides the "useful" magnetic mount (i didn't have trouble imagining steel mount points that aren't stainless…). Note that most any decent video editor can flip the image for you any way you need to…

    You can now also get the tripod mount, a suction mount, a sticky mount, and a bike mount all about HALF the prices shown in the video, so that means, for example a $36 version of this can include a tripod mount…

  6. Keith Whisman
    Keith Whisman says:

    Outside of driving on the wrong side of the road it looks a lot like any city in the USA. Need to visit the UK, would like to visit the HMS Victory, just enamored by Nelson.


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