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  1. Adilene Martinez
    Adilene Martinez says:

    Hey ! So my friend took her camera to school for spirit week and I fell in love with it however I’m a complete amateur at photography so I have always wondered how you get these digital photos from old cameras ? And Where can you buy film for these cameras and get them developed ?

  2. Paul Langmead
    Paul Langmead says:

    KX was and always will be a better choice, and is, curiously, often cheaper. Same body and mechanics as the K1000 but with DOF Preview, an off switch on the meter (both of which are essential IMO), mirror lock-up and a viewfinder window showing the Aperture.

    Also, a lot of K1000s were built down to a price for schools (particularly the later models), and as a result are not durable, have been heavily used or both. The K1000 is a good camera, don't get me wrong, but it's cult status is not really deserved.

  3. Emma
    Emma says:

    im at the beginning-most stage of photography and currently own a nikon d3500 that i got for my 16th birthday and i was interested in shooting in film, and my grandfather just gave me his pentax k1000 today, with a couple lenses and everything i could need to start, so i'm glad to hear this is such a good beginner camera(: i hope i can give him some good photos to add to his collection from this camera!


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