Patsy Cline ‎– 12 Greatest Hits


  1. Bill Thom

    Back in 1967 I went on a date with the girl who later became my wife the night I picked her up we got in my car and the first song that came on the radio was Patsy Cline singing Crazy 4 days later I asked her to marry me and we had 44 great years together before she passed away Patsy brings back greats memories

  2. Bobby Watt

    When we was in college, my future wife and I used to sit and listen to Patsy Cline sing to us. We were very much in love and her beautiful voice helped to seal the deal. After 59 years,we are still very much in love and still listen to her from time to time. Great talent.

  3. Sharon Engel

    Go for it Baby.age doesnt Matter

  4. Karen Eisiminger

    Love Patsy! Crazy is my absolute favorite! <3

  5. luisa kamelhar

    Patsy is the greatest in. Countrym music

  6. Dawn Francis

    Who's still listening to Patsy in 2020 and finding that unearthly voice is of such comfort? I've hit rock bottom yet again this year and it's like her voice can express the pain that I can no longer put into words. Best therapy there is.

    I've been so, so wrong, for so, so long………………………..

  7. Mary Ann Keindl

    Patsy sad happy. tender beautiful songs. We still 💘 and remember her.

  8. Marvin Davis

    One of the greatest, she died way to early. But that's life such as we know it.

  9. sandakureva

    My dad was telling me today that Patsy's music was like the wail of a ghost echoing across time. I'd never heard her work until he said so, but I can see it. It's pretty, and it makes you a bit sad, even though you're not sure why.

  10. Paul Pellom

    I'm 31. I like some of the music from my generation but I grew up on Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash etc. I never knew she perished in a plane crash. It seems like so many 50s and 60s greats died in car accidents or plane crashes. Patsy Cline was probably the greatest female country singer. Her voice is romantic, kind and haunting all at the same time. So much love in her voice as well. You can really hear the era in her voice as well and the backing track, although she could sing on her own and it would be just as good.

  11. Joe Timbrel

    She is the greatest country/western vocalist if all time.

  12. Clutch Burner

    Her Single "Crazy" Is the world record for being on more Juke Boxes/CD Boxes in history

  13. Manuel Campos

    Another one God took from us way to early!!!😍😍😍

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