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  1. Robert Koch!
    Robert Koch! says:

    Many years ago I went to a concert of hers and even though I enjoyed the ENTIRE experience the song I most wanted (one of my favorite songs ever and certainly my favorite of hers) was this one. MOST of the people there liked it the best, I think its her most popular song. For the other songs she just had us sit and listen but for this one she encouraged us all to stand up and wave our arms while she sang it! Now with Covid19 concerts like that are a thing of the past sadly….

  2. Corinne Maarek
    Corinne Maarek says:

    WE belong to thé source on fact love
    From heaven's door to earth lightning spreading all over spirit holy diver de la part de ma p'tite chatte Providence and thé archangel à bientôt et bonne santé


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