Panasonic GH5 Review For Video Shooters

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  1. theharper1
    theharper1 says:

    So, if you actually do need fast and accurate autofocus, but you still want good quality video, what's the alternative to the GH5 in a similar price range?

  2. Bike Ninja
    Bike Ninja says:

    this is an incredible camera, that IS tho. OMG…can't believe this isn't the #1 selling point in itself, it's like a no brainer B-roll machine lol… wow. I mentioned I was looking for a camera to do quasi cinematic video of mountain biking, I've researched quite a few and I think this checks most boxes…

  3. Dayana Diener
    Dayana Diener says:

    I am planning to get a Gh5, but at the moment I am building my pc. What resolution do you recommend for my monitor and how much RAM would I need to support the Gh5 files? Greetings from Tijuana!

  4. Gerald Cc
    Gerald Cc says:

    Thank you so much for the non-babbling, to-the-point, yet thorough review of this camera. I'm new to all of this and have watched a ton of reviews and yours was the most comprehensive, and surprisingly the shortest. Oh, and now I'm a NEW SUBSCRIBER. 😊

    NOYB NOYB says:

    Caleb, all your videos are fantastic. I was just going back through some reviews on the GH5. Havent had the chance to use it yet. Your giving it some crazy props. Your opinion about this being the best camera (at that time) is interesting. Didnt this compare with the Sony a7iii and the EOS R back then (or at least the Sony?). I have to research the look of the GH5 (and V-log) but lets be honest, Sony has their own problems (overheating) but do you honestly think the Panasonic, or Canon features/menu system even come close? The Sony is the most professional camera (in terms of features, menus, log options, low-light, etc…) Do you disagree (perhaps looking back at your older work?). Thanks for all the content bud.

  6. Ramy Melhem
    Ramy Melhem says:

    U love the Vlog whereas Matti Haapoja said it is garbage and that the camera should be returned for a refund. He was pretty upset in his review and said that the GH5 VLOG is unusable and should be thrown away. What's up with that?

  7. legniak1
    legniak1 says:

    I'll learn on the G85 and this will be my big upgrade when I'm ready. How they make these so affordable is amazing but why don't they make the AF better?

  8. atcreations
    atcreations says:

    Hi, I'm currently using Nikon d5300

    Im thinking of buying sony a7iii or gh5

    Im amazed by all the amazing features of gh5 but im extremely anxious about the low light capability

    Im a student, so i have to sell the nikon and i can only afford buy one camera

    I would like your insight


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